The Weak Point

Your weak point is where the evil one attacks you. Father Nicolás Schwizer share important tips in how to overcome diabolic forces.
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Father Kentenich gives a great deal of importance to our weak point, breaking point. As we reflect on the reality of our life, we should also consider our point, or points, which are weak and vulnerable.

Inner Disharmony
From the aspect of original sin, what does the distinctive feature of our human nature consist of? Father asks himself this question. He responds: “It consists of a peculiar and mysterious frailty. It is like a rupture or break, an inner disharmony.” That structural weakness is further intensified by negative inherited traits or personal sins. As an end result, each human being has his own weak point.

It can be a character flaw, a vice, for example: gluttony or excessive drinking, bad-tempered, a weakness in the sexual temptation, or in another area. Therefore, our life’s task is to fully recover our harmony, to heal that weak point. It can be a seemingly impossible task, but we have to continue struggling, we must accept our weakness and in prayer and fasting seek God’s grace to overcome it. I remember what our Founder said to one of our priests: “You have to always strive anew.”

We Are a Battlefield
Overcoming our vulnerable point is like taking part in a battle between the divine and the diabolical forces.

We, are the true battlefield between these two invisible powers, the good and the bad. We want to be capable instruments in the hands of God and the Blessed Mother, the great opponent of the devil. But, the enemy also wants to conquer us.

For that, the devil searches to locate our weak points. He is like a general who wants to capture a fortress.

The fortress can be an individual, a group, or a family. Like a general, the devil searches for the most vulnerable point of the fortress. There, at that point, he attacks with all his weapons. That means that my weak point is the point where the evil one attacks me, where he bursts into my life. But, on the other hand, it is also the point to where God directs the arsenal of his graces.

Seriously take in consideration the power and the influence of Satan in our lives, which is evidently active in our world.

What Should We Do?
Father Kentenich teaches that we should implore God’s blessing on ourselves and on our children more often. We should also pray daily the exorcism prayer from Heavenwards for ourselves, our children, and our home. Another meaningful means is the love of the Blessed Mother, the great opponent of the devil. Our covenant of love with her is like a covenant to fight against the evil one and his influence in our lives. Finally, it is fundamental to study and work through our personal weak points in order to be more attentive and prepared for the attacks and temptations from the devil.

Questions for Meditation
1. Do I know my weak points?
2. Am I aware of the devil’s power?
3. Do I pray daily the exorcism prayer?

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