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 Fecha: 2013-01-10

With the objective of bringing Jerusalem to everyone in the world, transcending geographical, political and religious boundaries, has launched its iPad and online "Jerusalem 3D Tours."

The apps offer informative free 3D tour of holy sites such as: Holy Sepulchre 3D (the site of Christ's Crucifixion, burial & resurrection) and Church of Nativity 3D (site of Christ's birth). Other tours include the Western Wall 3D, Dome of the Rock 3D and Mount Zion 3D (Last Supper Room) and Gethsemane (site of Christ's arrest).

The Jerusalem 3D Tours use the popular 3D gaming environment to create an absorbing way for even the younger generation to learn about the stories and importance of the holy Jerusalem sites. 

Unlike other 3D tours of Jerusalem, with the Jerusalem 3D Tours app you can "walk around freely." The tours are fully narrated and complete with HD photos, interest points and extra information. was founded in 2012 by Igal and Michal Lichtman and is dedicated to use a $1,5 million investment to fuse technology and faith.


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