Gutsy is Prudent

We often associate prudence with painstaking - and time-consuming - attention to every little detail, but prudence isn't about being slow to decide
by Benjamin O'Loughlin, LC | Source:

Dr. Hannah Gray was the probably the first doctor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center to douse a baby with three high-octane and potentially toxic drugs only 30 hours after birth.

   She's also the only doctor to date who has ever cured an HIV-infected baby.

   The infant in question was born in July 2010. Immediately starting intensive drug therapy was a risk. True, the mother was HIV-positive and hadn't yet started any form of treatment. And the results of tests for HIV weren't in yet. Had the child's pediatrician been wrong, she could have been up for malpractice suits. Dr. Gray went for it anyway.

   Risky? Yes. Dangerous? Maybe. Prudent? Definitely.

  The result is the clincher. As the case stands, her little patient - now barely 30 months old - has been certified fully cured of HIV.

   We often associate prudence with painstaking - and time-consuming - attention to every little detail. With agonizing over a decision.

   But the amount of time you put into your decisions has nothing to do with how prudent you are. Prudence isn't about being slow to decide. It's about being right. The more prudent you are - the  more practiced at identifying and implementing the best solution at hand - the faster your decision will be.

   In Dr. Gray's case, that prudent speed may have been key to what seems an almost miraculous cure.

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