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The New Evangelization, What is it?

by Rino Fisichella | Source:

The strong accent placed by His Holiness Benedict XVI to undertake the task of a New Evangelization is "prophetic" in the circumstances of the current world, since it clearly projects the future in which the Church will have to fulfill his ministry: a reality submitted to great cultural transformations which determine the start of a new epoch of humanity.

   The Pope's effort is aimed at giving motivation to a missionary spirit expressed in consonance with the force of reason, especially in those places where faith is weakened by the pressures of secularism. Modern man is strongly characterized by the zeal of his own autonomy and the responsibility of living on his own.

   Forgetting all relationship with transcendence, he drifts apart from speculative thought and limits himself instantly to the simple historical moment, believing  in an illusory manner that truth is only what can be scientifically verified. He is precipitated into a sort of pragmatic empiricism that leads him to appreciate facts and not ideas.

   The current crisis is averted by being able to and knowing how to talk about God: today God is not denied, but instead unknown. The Pope's call addresses this reality of man with the effort of healing. To remain confined in our churches would turn Pentecost in vain.

Humanitas 2012, III, pp. 48-63

To read more, CLICK HERE

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Join the new media evangelization. Your tax-deductible gift allows to build a culture of life in our nation and throughout the world. Please help us promote the Church's new evangelization by donating to right now. God bless you for your generosity.




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