Summoned To His Rooms

What is it about prayer that makes so many of us uncomfortable? Intimate prayer with the Lord Jesus Christ is utterly romantic, not something to be dreaded or endured.
by Lorraine E. Espenhain | Source:


“The King has brought me into His rooms.”  [Song of Songs 1:4]


Many years ago, I was teaching a women’s Bible study in my home.    We would gather together in my living room every Friday night for two hours of study and prayer.    Each woman would bring a covered dish, and of course, I always had a pot of chili simmering on the stove.   After our time of study and prayer, we would eat up a storm and just enjoy fellowship with each other.    Our times were so enjoyable together that the women usually didn’t leave my house until midnight because we just couldn’t bear for the evening to end.    Our sisterly love for each other was such that we couldn’t bear to be separated, but as the women walked out the door, they would hug one another and say, “Don’t worry….next Friday’s coming!”


On one such Friday night, as we gathered in my living room to begin our study, I called on one of the women and asked her to pray.     Her face went completely white, her mouth went dry, and she began to perspire.  You would have thought that I had asked her to gnaw off her foot in front of the group.   “Please, oh, please, get someone else to do it!”


What is it about prayer that makes so many of us uncomfortable?      To be so afraid to communicate with One who loves us so!   How can this be?


Intimate prayer with the Lord Jesus Christ is utterly romantic, not something to be dreaded or endured.     If we shrink back from Him in prayer, it is because we do not know Him as we ought.    


When the Lord calls me to prayer, He is summoning me to His rooms.     There, in the King’s rooms, I give myself to Him completely, surrendering my all.  I hold nothing back from this One whom I love.    Through the eyes of my heart, I look into His gaze, so fixed upon me, and I speak to Him as I speak to no other.    I love Him as I love no other.    I give to Him what I am forbidden to give to any other.   I do not attempt to hide things from Him or even to cover them up, for in the King’s rooms, one’s heart and soul are stripped bare before Him, and He sees it all.


When the King summons me to His rooms, He summons me alone.   No one is allowed to intrude on our time of love.    No one is allowed to disturb us.      Everything else is shut out while we focus on our love and intense desire for one another.  


When I open my mouth to speak to Him, I speak to Him from my heart.    With man, my lips are ever guarded, but with the King, I hold nothing back.    I tell Him all that He means to me.   I speak of my intense love and desire for Him.  I surrender myself completely to Him as He holds me close to His heart, and it is there, in His rooms, that He fills me with His Spirit and clothes me with His love.


When the King summons me to His rooms, I fall in love with Him over and over again.    He teaches me how to love Him as He desires to be loved.    He shows me what needs to be eliminated and what needs to be honed in our love relationship.      When He speaks, He does not do so in an audible voice.     He speaks to my spirit, to my heart, and I to His.      He infuses me with His grace and His strength when I am weak.    If I am in distress, He will not allow me to leave until I have been quieted with His love.   If I am planning to make a wrong choice, a wrong decision, He guides my heart, with words unheard, in the path of His will.    Such are the wonders that take place in the King’s rooms!


Not every moment in His rooms is warm and fuzzy.     There have been times when I have displeased Him, made sinful choices, and deliberately disobeyed Him.    When He summons me to His rooms, it is to deal with me for my unfaithfulness to Him.    What painful times those are! 


Once, when I had deliberately disobeyed this One whom I love, I yielded to Satan even more by allowing him to convince me to stay away from the King’s rooms when He called for me.     “The King is angry!” he hissed into my ears.    “You have broken His heart!”   “He plans to rid Himself of you once and for all and will find one better than you!”


To the King’s grief and to mine, when the summons to His rooms came, I did not run to Him as I always do when He calls; I ran away from Him!   I hid myself from the One whom I love.   In my spirit and in my heart, I felt the pull of the King summoning me to His rooms, but because I knew that I had sinned, I gave myself over to earthly distractions in order to ignore His call.   I watched movies, read novels, and went to the mall.   I drank wine and listened to music.   But the more I gave myself over to these things, the louder His summons grew, and the more intensely I felt the pain of our separation.     I felt His anguish and mine.   Oh love that will not let me go!


Finally, when I could bear it no more, I entered the rooms of my Beloved, and stood before Him with my head down.  I felt His gaze upon me, I discerned His displeasure, and I knew that He was waiting for me to speak.    Eventually, I lifted my head and lamely attempted to speak to Him of other things while neatly avoiding the sin that I had committed.    I foolishly hoped that I could distract my Beloved, beguile Him with my love, and cause Him to forget my disobedience to Him.   But as I spoke to Him, I noticed that something was different.  The King did not look into my eyes as He usually did when we kept tryst in His rooms.     Instead, He fixed His gaze on that area of my heart that I had allowed to go astray.   My heart belonged to Him and to Him alone.    It was created by Him and for Him.    No one else had the right to possess it.   And yet, in a moment of weakness, I had given a small piece of it to Satan, the enemy of the King!     I had given to Satan what belonged by my Lord! 


He would not look at me.   He would not caress me with that look that only my Beloved knows how to give.   He continued to stare at that blackened area of my heart that had yielded to another in utter unfaithfulness to Him.   I cried out to the King, “My Lord Jesus, You whom I love, look at me!     Look into my eyes and let me see your love!     Let me know that You are still mine, and I am still yours!  Your Father has given me to you; do not reject what He has placed into your arms!”   But His gaze remained fixed on my sin until I could stand it no longer, ran into His arms weeping, and there acknowledged my sin.      Only then did His eyes look back into mine, and I knew that His love was still mine.    Then, holding me close to His heart, He dealt with me gently and tenderly regarding my sin.     No whip, no strap, no blows from His hand.   He spoke to me in a gentle voice that caressed my heart while he looked into my eyes with a love that is simply not of this world.


Each time I leave the King’s rooms, I leave intoxicated – not with the wine of men, but with the King’s love.    What He gives to me in those rooms no man on earth could ever give.    But I also give to Him as well. 


When I am summoned to the King’s rooms, it is because He wants me to delight Him with my love and to bring pleasure to His heart.   We come together in those rooms in order to bring enjoyment to each other, not to give each other assignments.    I do not enter the rooms of my Beloved with a list of things that I’d like Him to do for me.    I bring no list to this One who has stolen my heart and made me His captive for life; I bring only my love, adoration, and praise.     Like Esther of old, who prepared a feast for her husband, the king, before she asked of him what was on her mind, I offer myself and give myself completely to the King’s pleasure.    I’ve entered those rooms in order to satisfy the desire of His heart and to caress Him with all of my love, adoration, and praise.    If there is anything on my mind that I need to ask my Beloved to do for me, I only ask after we have taken our pleasure in one another first.  I only make my request after we have enjoyed ourselves with love.


It is not enough for me to leave the King’s rooms intoxicated with His love.     I desire that He should be intoxicated as well.       As I leave His rooms to carry out my tasks, I listen for His voice as I prepare to leave.     It comes to me, and I am pleased, for He says to me:  How beautiful you are and how pleasing, O love, with your delights!”   [Song of Songs 7:6].    When I have given pleasure to the King in His rooms, as He has given to me, then I have discovered the true purpose of prayer, and I am sustained by its power…


….until He summons me to Himself once more.



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