Deciding with God / PART 4

Looking for the right thing to do? It won't be easy, but God will be with you
by Benjamin O'Loughlin, LC | Source:

Push comes to shove. All the pieces are on the table. It's time.

   Sometimes, that first piece is the hardest. You know what you're putting together: happiness. But you're not sure how.

   Life is the same. You know what and who you are. However, what to do right now is another question.

   The answer is staring you in the face. The puzzle pieces.

   If your life is a puzzle, every moment is another piece to be fitted into place. The good news is that every piece fits into your life. You will never - ever - find yourself in situation where you can't be faithful to who you are.

   The bad news is, it won't always be easy. Each piece has to fit perfectly into your humanity, into your life options and responsibilities. Just because it fits one or the other doesn't mean that it's the right thing to do.

   Sometimes you wish we could force a fit. You really want some peace and quiet when you get home from work. Your body's begging for it. But you're more than a worker bee back from the flower patch. You're a husband and a father. So peace and quiet don't fit yet. They will, but right now you need to find another puzzle piece: generous love.

   Picking that piece out of the pile and fitting it into place, even when you barely have the strength to set down your briefcase, is the next and final step towards happiness. And it's where God reaches into your life most powerfully.

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