Motherhood Interrupted

Jane Brennan shares her personal testimony on healing and hope after abortion.
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In her most recent work, Motherhood Interrupted: Stories of Healing and Hope after Abortion, Jane Brennan shares her personal testimony as a once militant feminist, NOW member and Planned Parenthood volunteer whose life was turned around by the grace and mercy of God.

In her story, Jane details how the scars of early childhood sexual abuse led to promiscuity, drug and alcohol abuse. Finding herself pregnant as a young college student, Jane chose abortion because it was easily obtained, readily available, and seemed to be the best way out of her “problem”. This choice led to a life filled with more pain, sadness and depression along with a very strong attachment to militant feminism. Jane became a member of NOW, NARAL and a volunteer at Planned Parenthood helping young women procure birth control and abortions.

In her story, you will witness her miraculous transformation by the grace of God as Jane becomes a humble, loving servant of Jesus Christ: An usher led us to a pew and while I stood listening to the priest, I felt an overwhelming force, like an invisible beam streaming down from above, and it knocked me to my knees. Pain, shame, depression and despair left me in that moment and I knew there was a God who loved me. I also knew without a doubt that Jesus Christ was His Son, and He wanted to heal me. I started sobbing.”

Through all the stories in Motherhood Interrupted the reader will understand that abortion is not the answer for women and society. Each story reveals a host of difficulties that follow abortion: drug and alcohol abuse, depression, guilt, sadness and even suicide attempts. Paula recounts in her story: “I maintained a façade but deep inside my life continued in a downward spiral as the memories of my baby remained. I believed in my heart that I aborted a boy, and I always missed my son, especially on the day that would have been his birthday. Seven years of my life were wasted on promiscuous, out-of-control living. I reached such a low point that I almost made suicide an escape out of my misery. I remember driving to the riverfront in Downtown Memphis. I seriously considered driving over the river bluffs into its murky waters. No one would see any evidence of a car buried in a muddy grave.”

Although there is much pain and suffering after their choice to abort, each woman finds hope, healing and peace in Jesus Christ. Motherhood Interrupted is journey from abortion and its aftermath through acceptance, forgiveness and healing to finally arriving at mercy and hope. The purpose of Motherhood Interrupted is to allow a glimpse into the lives of women who were harmed by abortion. The message is that “abortion hurts women and women deserve better than abortion..”  Also, reading these stories may give other post-abortive women, now suffering in silence, the courage to begin the healing process, and to encourage them to seek the counsel of a Priest and the saving graces of Project Rachel and Rachel’s Vineyard’s retreats.

Jane Brennan, MS, has devoted her private counseling practice, Hope for the Journey,  to offering post-abortive women a safe place to reconcile unresolved grief and loss. Jane can be contacted through her web-site at

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