God’s Ways of Love

Father Nicolás Schwizer teaches how to live the intimacy of God’s love.
by Father Nicolás Schwizer | Source: Schoenstatt Press

God invites me to travel with him the ways of his love in my life. Which are these ways? They are many and they are different for each person. There are three ways and they are the most difficult to understand and to accept as ways of love:

1. The way of God’s mercy and my misery.
In order to recognize our smallness before God, we must learn to see God’s love, we must reflect on our life with God’s eyes of faith, and we must try to find God in the events of our existence. Daily we must look for the mercy of God in our life. We must humbly realize our shortcomings and meditate on the infinite mercy of God. This must be our favorite meditation: enjoying the manifestations of God’s merciful love in our lives.

This is not only pertaining to the mercy of God. We must also interpret our personal misery as a plan of God’s love. We must learn to see the love of God throughout our own lives. God calls us in whichever state we are. Regardless of our imperfections God loves us. However, we must be aware of these imperfections so that we can move forward in forming a Christlike character. So we must meditate on our own miseries. Which are these miseries? They may be physical miseries, spiritual and religious miseries, character miseries, moral miseries, our failures and infidelities.

2. The way of disappointments.
One of the ways in which God has foreseen to deepen our love is that of disappointments: Our own and that of others: from our spouse, from our children, from our relatives, from our friends, etc.

Each person has a function of attraction for us. They should attract, awaken our love, but then they must transmit it to God.

They must be like the rope which takes us to the heart of God the Father. We can also attach ourselves to creatures in a disorderly way, and this will not lead us heavenward. Sooner or later, each person will disappoint us. This is because each person has faults and human limitations which they have not yet overcome.

Our heart is so big that it can only feel satisfied in the heart of God who, frequently, takes away from us that to which we are most attached. Therefore, each disappointment, each painful loss is always a call from God: “Child, come to my heart!”

Many persons break with the disappointments because their lives are not oriented toward the Lord, because their love does not go beyond the beloved person and does not lead to the heart of God. They do not live their Covenant of Love with God the Father.

3. The way of suffering and the cross.
It is the most fruitful way to grow in the Covenant of Love with God. For each person who allows himself to be educated by the Blessed Virgin, there will be moments in which the soul will be completely arid, dry. The person will feel nothing, nor happiness or joy in anything religious.  In those moments of dryness many people stray away from the faith. They remain at the foot of the mountain of love because they are not able to decide for the perfect surrender, they do not allow themselves to be led by means of the darkness of the cross.

What does God want to achieve with that dryness of soul? He wants us to become unattached from a creature to whom we are too deeply attached: He wants to un-attach me from myself. That is why God educates me to forget myself and to turn towards him. So that I may think about him, work for him, and surrender to Him. This way, God wants to lead me to the height of sanctity. He seeks to conquer my heart for himself. My love must be purified and unattached, not only from other creatures, but especially unattached from myself. Only in that way I will be able to live deeply my Covenant with God.

Questions for Reflection
1. Do I see God’s love in difficulties?
2. How do I accept the crosses?
3. How do disappointments affect me?

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Translation: Carlos Cantú
Edited by: Catholic.net

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