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garlic

God So Loves Me

John 3:13-17 Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time I will contemplate the cross as a symbol of love, making it a symbol that says something to me whenever I see it. I will try to bear my cross today with love.
by Fr Patrick Butler, LC | Source:
20120913_viernes 14.jpg

John 3:13-17
Your word in the Gospel reveals to me thebeauty of the mystery of the Cross. I open myself now to you with a believing heart. Your love for humanity is so present in what you say. You give me hope that the world can be changed by your message of love. I want to be more like you, a lover of the Father, a lover of my brothers and sisters to the point of giving my life for them.

Lord, exalt the cross in my mind and my heart, that I might see it as an instrument of love.

1. Jesus' Identity:

Nicodemus comes toJesus to find out who this miracle worker is. Jesus tells him that he is the Son of Man and God's Son. He has come down from heaven and will return there. Now that he has identified himself, he has gotten Nicodemus' attention andmine. His answer to the first question does not satisfy us because it has brought up several other questions. How can he claim to be the Son of God when there is but one God? If he is truly God's Son, why has he come down to earth? What does he want or expect from me?

2. A Savior Greater Than Moses:

Moses had, at God's command, led Israel out of slavery in Egypt. When the people rebelled in the desert, they were punished by fiery serpents that bit them with poisonous venom. Moses intervened on their behalf, making a bronze image of a serpent, placed on a post; those who looked at it were saved. Jesus saves humanity from its rebellion, not by a symbol raised on a stick, but by sacrificing himself as he was raised on a cross. He saves me not from temporal death, but from eternal death. He is indeed a Savior greater than Moses.

3. The Degree of God's Love:
How much doesthe Father love me? If we could measure love on a thermometer, God's infinite love would send the mercury out the end. His love is boundless. What would hewith hold from me if he has already given his son to save me? My sentiments upon contemplating the immensity of God's love for me should be gratitude, praiseand a reciprocating love towards him.

Conversation with Christ:

Lord, I am moved when I discover how much you love me. You came down from heaven, becoming the Son of Man so that I could know, love and imitate you. You loved me to the extreme of offering yourself upon the cross to save me from sin and death. I want to love you in return to the point of giving my life for you.


I will contemplate the cross as a symbol of love, making it a symbol that says something to me whenever I see it. I will try to bear my cross today with love.

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