Leap for Joy for Heaven

Luke 6: 20-26 Wednesday of the Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time I will examine what motivates me in mydaily duty, striving to purify my intention. I will act out of love of God andnot out of self-love.
by Fr Patrick Butler, LC | Source: Catholic.net

Luke 6: 20-26
Introductory Prayer:

God the Father, thank you for the giftof creation, including my own life. God the Son, thank you for redeeming me atthe price of your own Body and Blood. God the Holy Spirit, thank you for beingthe sweet guest of my soul, enlightening my mind, strengthening my spirit andkindling the fire of your love in my heart.

Father, help me to seek the things that are above.

1. Because You Say It, Lord…

In thispassage, I can picture Jesus raising his eyes to look into the faces of hisfollowers. Today, he looks into my eyes and engages my attention with hisloving gaze. I accept what he tells me because it is he who speaks. I believethat he has the words of eternal life. Naturally, poverty, hunger, sorrow andbeing excluded do not appeal to me, but they are the values of my beloved Lord,and that is enough for me.

2. Seek First the Kingdom:
Jesusencourages me to strive for the values of his Kingdom, to be forgetful ofmyself and my well-being. He will take care of me and give me recompense.Heaven awaits me – laughter and joy, a fullness that is unfathomable. It isarduous not to seek "heaven on earth" in riches and pleasure and in fitting inwith the crowd. It takes a vision of faith and a spirit of perseverance.

3. Warning Signs:
St. Luke transmits to usnot only the Beatitudes, but also their opposites. These are like warningsigns. If my path is aligned with these opposites, I had better be attentive –where does that road lead me in the long run? Where my heart is, there also ismy treasure. Is heavenly, eternal happiness my heart's desire or are earthly,temporal delights?

Conversation with Christ:
Lord, give me thejoy of experiencing some of the heavenly joy of being united to you here onearth. Help me to find my fulfillment in loving you, in giving my life to you.

I will examine what motivates me in mydaily duty, striving to purify my intention. I will act out of love of God andnot out of self-love.

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