Is Your College Faithfull to the Magisterium?

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by National Catholic Register Sta | Source: National Catholic Register

The Faith & Family and National Catholic Register college guide is made possible by the cooperation of bishops, college presidents, benefactors, and advertisers. This year, 26 schools ¯ more than 10% of all American Catholic universitites ¯ went on record in answering a Catholic identity survey.

The Schools

1. Aquinas College

4210 Harding Road

Nashville, TN 37205

(800) 649-9956

Enrollment: 850



2. Ave Maria University

1025 Commons Circle

Naples, FL 34119

(239) 280-2500;

(877) AVE-UNIV (283-8648)

Enrollment: 368



3. The Augustine Institute

P.O. Box 1126

3001 South Federal Blvd.

Denver, CO 80236

(303) 937-4420

Enrollment: 70 (graduate only)


School’s comments:

Health: “The Augustine Institute does not have its own student health services at present. But if we did, we certainly would exclude all referrals to abortion clinics.”


4. Belmont Abbey College

100 Belmont-Mount Holly Road

Belmont, NC 28012

(888) 222-0110

Enrollment: 900


School’s comments:

Dorms: “Current dorms are constructed as ‘motel suites’ with all suite doors opening to the outdoors. Sexes are separated by floor, with women on only the upper floors for their security and to limit access. Single-sex dorms will be built as a part of a building plan to begin in the near future.”


5. Benedictine College

1020 North Second St.

Atchison, KS 66002

(913) 367-5340

Enrollment: 1,229


School’s comments:

President: “The president vowed to up-hold the Catholic mission of the college in the presence of the local bishop during his inauguration; he is currently in correspondence with the bishop to ensure that he has appropriately fulfilled the canon law requirements.”

Oath: “We have made arrangements with the local bishop to receive the oath of fidelity from our theology faculty.”

Dorms: “We have a single-sex housing philosophy that intentionally promotes a theology of the body based on Christian anthropology. One hall has both men and women in it, but they are separated by floor with a sophisticated security system that prevents intermingling between floors past visitation hours.”


6. The Catholic Distance University

120 East Colonial Highway

Hamilton, VA 20158-9012

(888) 254-4238, ext. 700

Enrollment: 1,700


School’s comments:

Mandatum & Oath: “As an online university, our faculty is all adjunct. They do not take an oath of fidelity, but every staff member is approved by our president, who is the local bishop.”

Campus: “CDU is an online university.”


7. The Catholic University of America

620 Michigan Ave., NE

Washington, DC 20064

(202) 319-5000

Enrollment: 6,148


School’s comments:

Mandatum: “Catholic theologians must receive a ‘canonical mission’ from the local bishop/chancellor that obliges them to ‘teach in the name of the Church’ — it is different from the mandatum. They must receive a nihil obstat from the U.S. bishops on the board and from the Holy See before they can be tenured.”

Oath: “The Catholic faculty recite the profession of faith in the presence of and along with the local bishop/chancellor and president at the opening Mass of each academic year. Catholic faculty have not been required to take the oath of fidelity because of canonical mission/nihil obstat.”

Dorms: “We have both single-sex residence halls as well as residence halls with floors segregated by gender.”


8. Christendom College

134 Christendom Drive

Front Royal, VA 22630

(540) 636-2900

Enrollment: 400



9. The College of Saint Thomas More

3020 Lubbock Ave.

Fort Worth, TX 76109

(800) 583-6489

Enrollment: 38



10. DeSales University

2755 Station Ave.

Center Valley, PA 18034

(877) 4DESALES

Enrollment: 2,300

(1,450 undergraduates)


School’s comments:

Mandatum: “The university did not publicly require that all theology professors have the mandatum; they chose to do so on their own.”

Dorms: “Our residence halls and townhouse complex areas are of two varieties: single-sex and gender-segregated by wing of the building, considered co-institutional. All campus residence areas are governed by a visitation policy.”


11. Franciscan University of Steubenville

1235 University Blvd.

Steubenville, OH 43952

(800) 783-6220

Enrollment: 2,400



12. Holy Apostles College and Seminary

33 Prospect Hill Road

Cromwell, CT 06416-2005

(860) 632-3010

Enrollment: 290



13. Institute for the Psychological Sciences

2001 Jefferson Davis Highway,

Suite 511

Arlington, VA 22202

(703) 416-1441

Enrollment: 42 (graduate only)



14. John Paul the Great Catholic University

10174 Old Grove Road,

Suite 200

San Diego, CA 92131

(858) 653-6740

Enrollment: 30



15. Magdalen College

511 Kearsarge Mountain Road

Warner, NH 03278

(603) 456-2656

Enrollment: 70



16. Our Lady of Corpus Christi

1200 Lantana St.

Corpus Christi, TX 78407

(361) 289-9095

Enrollment: 35


School’s comments:

Mandatum: “The local bishop does not require a mandatum; if he did we would require it.”

Oath: “The oath of fidelity will be made mandatory in fall 2007.”


17. St. Gregory’s University

1900 W. MacArthur St.

Shawnee, OK 74804-2499


Enrollment: 700


School’s comments:

Oath: “The local bishop has conferred the mandatum through an interview with proposed faculty members, conducted either by the bishop personally or by his appointed vicar general.”


18. Saint Joseph’s College of Maine

278 Whites Bridge Road

Standish, ME 04084

(800) 338-7057

Enrollment: 1,000


School’s comments:

Faculty: “Most non-Catholics like our mission, love teaching at a college that stands for something, and hold our mission in the deepest respect. A couple have become Catholic here.”

Dorms: “We have freshman dorms exclusively for women and for men. The other three years students are housed in the same buildings, but on different floors.”


19. Southern Catholic College

330 Southern Catholic Drive

Dawsonville, GA 30534

(866) 722-2003

Enrollment: 130



20. Thomas Aquinas College

10,000 North Ojai Road

Santa Paula, CA 93060

(800) 634-9797

Enrollment: 351


School’s comments:

Mandatum: “The mandatum is not available in this diocese to our professors.”


21. The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts

6 Manchester St.

Merrimack, NH 03054

(800) 880-8308

Enrollment: 94



22. University of Dallas

1845 East Northgate Drive

Irving, TX 75062

(972) 721-5203

Enrollment: 2,978


School’s comments:

President: “The president is prepared to make the profession of faith at any time. The oath is not required and has not been requested by the local bishop.”

Mandatum: “The mandatum is a personal, not an institutional, requirement. To the president’s knowledge, all Catholic theologians at UD hold the mandatum.”

Oath: “Canon law calls for a profession of faith, not the oath of fidelity.”


23. University of Sacramento

1531 I St., 2nd Floor

Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 443-4760

Enrollment: about 80 (graduate only)




24. University of St. Thomas

3800 Montrose Blvd.

Houston, TX 77006

(713) 525-2160

Enrollment: 3,607



25. Walsh University

2020 East Maple St. N.W.

North Canton, OH 44720

(800) 362-9846

Enrollment: 2,510

(1,750 undergraduates full-time)


School’s Comments:

Dorms: “Some dorms are completely single-sex. Some dorms have single-sex wings and/or floors. Some residence halls are four-person apartments that are single-sex. As traditional residence halls are replaced with new housing configurations, it is very difficult to merely answer Yes or No.”


26. Wyoming Catholic College

163 Leedy Drive

P.O. Box 750

Lander, WY 82520

(877) 332-2930

Current Enrollment: 32, beginning 2007


The Survey


Questionnaire Sources

The Catholic Identity College Survey offers objective questions about a university’s Catholic identity. A “YES” answer reflects essential elements of the renewal of Catholic identity called for by Pope John Paul II’s 1990 apostolic constitution on higher education, Ex Corde Ecclesiae (Out of the Heart of the Church), its 2000 Application to the United States, canon law and other Church documents.

The Institution

President: Canon 833: The president of a Catholic university is personally bound to make a profession of faith, according to the formula approved by the Apostolic See, in the presence of the chancellor or diocesan bishop or a delegate at the beginning of the term of office.
The Profession of Faith and the Oath of Fidelity, Acta Apostolicae Sedis 1989: The obligation of a special oath of fidelity has been extended to presidents of Catholic universities.

Board: U.S. Application: “To the extent possible, the majority of the board of trustees should be Catholics committed to the Church.”

Faculty: U.S. Application: “The university should strive to recruit and appoint Catholics as professors so that, to the extent possible, those committed to the witness of the faith will constitute a majority of the faculty.”

The Mandatum: Canon 812: It is necessary that Catholic theologians have a mandatum from the diocesan bishop.

U.S. Application: “Catholic students have a right to receive from a university instruction in authentic Catholic doctrine and practice, especially from theologians.”

Mandatum text: “I hereby declare my role and responsibility as a teacher of a theological discipline within the full communion of the Church. As a teacher of a theological discipline, therefore, I am committed to teach authentic Catholic doctrine and to refrain from putting forth as Catholic teaching anything contrary to the Church’s magisterium.”

U.S. Application: “If a particular professor lacks a mandatum and continues to teach a theological discipline, the university must determine what further action may be taken in accordance with its own mission and statutes.”

Theologians: Canon 833: Catholic theologians are personally bound to make a profession of faith, according to the formula approved by the Apostolic See, in the presence of the university president if he is a priest, or the diocesan bishop or a delegate, at the beginning of their term of office.
The Profession of Faith and the Oath of Fidelity, Acta Apostolicae Sedis 1989: The obligation of a special oath of fidelity has been extended to Catholic theology professors.

Campus Culture

Ministry: U.S. Application: “Catholic students have a right to be provided with opportunities to practice the faith through participation in Mass, the sacraments, religious devotions, and other authentic forms of Catholic spirituality.” The university “shall make provision for effective campus ministry programs, including the celebration of the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and penance, other liturgical celebrations, and opportunities for prayer and spiritual reflection.”

Honorees: The U.S. Bishops’ 2004 Catholics in Political Life: “Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors, or platforms that would suggest support for their actions.”

Groups: U.S. Application: “It is important for Catholic universities to implement in practical terms their commitment to the essential elements of Catholic identity, including activities of officially recognized student and faculty organizations and associations.”

Dorms: U.S. Application: “It is important for Catholic universities to implement in practical terms their commitment to the essential elements of Catholic identity, including the commitment to create a campus culture and environment that is expressive and supportive of a Catholic way of life.”

Health: U.S. Application: “It is important for Catholic universities to implement in practical terms their commitment to the essential elements of Catholic identity, including the commitment to provide health care in conformity with the Church’s ethical and religious teaching and directives.”

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