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Want to start a new chapter? Turn that experience into a decision.
by Benjamin O'Loughlin, LC | Source:

Ever happen to you? The road lay open to a new and better life. You were poised on the brink of a priceless breakthrough. The world was going to change forever…. And then a friend tweeted you about her new hairdo, your baby spit up on your shoulder, and your oldest ran in with a bloody nose.

    For most of us, the problem isn’t inspiration. We all have “Wow!” moments. The beauty of a sunset, a stranger's generosity, or even our own frailty, catches us off guard, and for a split second opens up a window that changes the way we see life. A minute later we bang up against the glass. Time and time again, we fail to carry the “Wow!” over into real life.

    Just add in the details from your own life. You’re down in the dumps. Your best friend was counting on you to come through for him. He trusted you. And you let him down. Bigtime. It’s great that you feel guilty (see my post). It’s wonderful that you finally figured out that you’re a jerk. Even better, you want to change! But it’s not enough. One day’s share of business-as-usual is enough to turn the most earth-shattering of events into a little footnote in the book of your life.

    Want to start a new chapter? Turn that experience into a decision. A simple process converts those intangible moments into solid building blocks for your future:

Experience     →        Conviction      →        Decision


                                                                                Concrete Actions

1: Turn the experience into a conviction: “A good friend never lets anybody down. Never. I count on my friends to be there for me.” Spend a day thinking about what happened, turning it over in your mind, reliving that experience, until it gels into a solid conviction.

2: Turn that conviction into a decision: “I will be that friend. You can count on me”. Get geared up. Imagine yourself living it. Want it.

3: Cement that decision with concrete actions: Be there. Help out. Take a hit for your friend.

   All of our experiences eventually fade away. But if we act on them, we break through into the solid reality of a better life.

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