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You human? Then let me tell you something about yourself!
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You human? Then let me tell you something about yourself!

   You've got 3 switches inside. Each one is either on or off. So how many combinations does that make… Okay I’ll give you some help. If O stands for on, and X stands for off, we get the following 8 combinations.

1: O – O – O 
2: O – O – X 
3: O – X – O 
4: O – X – X 
5: X – O – O 
6: X – O – X 
7: X – X – O 
8: X – X – X 

   Those 3 switches are: Emotion / Action / Reaction Time. 

   Take number 1, for example: a person who gets emotional about everything, is always on the go, and reacts fast, at times without thinking, is the temperament we would call “Choleric,” the hothead, the one who explodes, but forgets about it 5 minutes later.

   Now you tell me enough about yourself such that I can figure out your 3 switches and I can tell you a whole lot about what tendencies you've got, what kind of person you are, without even knowing you.

   You want to become an excellent baseball pitcher? The first thing you do is figure out if you are left or right handed. It’s a given. 

   Same with the development of your Character – it’s your job to figure yourself out.

   God gave you a specific temperament. Only once you know yourself well, i.e. your natural tendencies, will you—with the help of his Grace—be able to better yourself, slowly but surely.

      Any idea what you are?

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