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No color is the “right” color. Each has its own qualities...
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No color is the “right” color. Each has its own qualities of being attractive, calming, “hungry,” “productive,” warm, “healthy,”or energetic. Any painter could tell you that...

   There are different ways of looking at reality. This way of understanding colors is not the only way, but it works. We know for example that every existing color can be made by mixing varying amounts of the three primary colors which are Red, Blue and Yellow. (That’s why a printer only needs three color cartridges, plus Black.)

   We can similarly look at human temperaments in order to understand them better. And just like there are no “perfect” colors, just so, there are no existing perfect temperaments … this is simply a way to help us understand the way we humans are made.

   Given three different switches, like we saw before, we will have 8 different temperament outcomes. And science has given them eacha name: Choleric, Passionate, Nervous, Sanguine, Sentimental, Phlegmatic, Apathetic & Amorphous.

   Let’s say for example that BLUE stands for Emotivity, RED for Activity, and YELLOW for prolonged Resonance (also called Secondary, as opposed to Primary which is short-lived). If you were perfectly extremely Emotive, Active and Secondary, than your temperament would be what we would call “Passionate”. In our diagram, the green corner of the cube.

   The 8 temperaments are the “corners of the human cube. ”However, we know that in reality, there are an infinite number of temperament possibilities. You are not necessarily a “corner” of the cube, rather, your temperament could be any point whatsoever in the 3D dimensions of the cube.

   However, by understanding how the “8 human corners” function, you will be better equipped to understand where in the cube you actually are.

   And the better you understand yourself, the easier it will be to accept yourself and then to move on to better yourself … with the grace of God.

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