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My Love for the Church

I will read something Pope Benedict XVI has written
by Father Patrick Langan, LC | Source:

John 15: 9-11


Introductory Prayer:

Lord, thank you for granting me the opportunity to be with you. There are things in life, Lord, that attract me, but you attract me more. I hope in you, and I love you. Maybe I don’t really understand what it means to love, and maybe I don’t love the way I should, but I do love you.



Lord, increase my love and appreciation for the Church and her leaders.


1. Christ and His Church:

When Christ says, “Keep my commandments and remain in my love,” he is talking not only about the Ten Commandments but also about the Church. What is the Church? It is Christ’s extension through time. We cannot say, “Christ, yes; the Church, no,” because the Church is the mystical body of Christ; the two are inseparable as head and body. The Church, through its sacraments and its solid teachings, makes Christ present for me now, today. It is through this Church that I received the gift of faith. I want to remain in Christ. I want to remain enthusiastically in his Church.


2. God’s Chosen Ministers:

You chose the Apostles to continue your work of redemption throughout the ages. Therefore, Lord, I want to love your priests and your bishops. I know how hard their job is. I see their perseverance. The Eucharist is available all over the world because of the fidelity of priests. Thank you for bishops and priests. Thank you for our parish. I want to support the parish with joy; giving of my time and my financial sacrifices.


3. The Pope:

Lord, I want to love the Holy Father. He is the rock on which you chose to build your Church. Because he has kept the straight path, the world recognizes his moral authority. Lord, I want to learn more about what he is saying. Today with the Internet, it is so easy. It just takes a little interest and a little time. This is one way I can remain in your love. Thus, my joy will be complete.


Conversation with Christ:

When you came, Lord, you wanted to heal us

through the sacraments, and you set up the Church

to administer them. Because you are present in your Church,

it has lasted two thousand years.

Thank you for giving us this instrument of salvation.



I will read something Pope Benedict XVI has written. Much can be found on the Vatican website.


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