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Time to Forgive from the Heart and Be Forgiven

Luke 6: 36-38 Monday of the Second Week of Lent I will be the first to offer an apology or a solution to build unity in my home and workplace.
by | Source:
Luke 6: 36-38

Introductory Prayer:
Dear Jesus, too often I compare myself with others. It's easy for me to find or imagine my superiority to them. I ignore you and your great goodness. I forget that everything I have comes from you and that I can't claim the credit for any quality and virtue, although I would like to. Help me I wish to keep this truth in mind and to have an attitude of genuine humility in my heart. Here I am, Lord, to know and love you more through prayer.

Lord, many times I have harbored grudges or injured others and the work of your kingdom help me to my petty self-righteousness forgive from the heart. Give me the grace of true conversion.

1. The True Battlefield: Looking into the Heart.
Although it is sometimes difficult, we can usually bring ourselves around to excuse an injustice we have suffered. We forget about what happened, and we try to move forward. However, it is a little more difficult for us to forgive when we look into our “offender’s” heart and refuse to turn a blind eye to the goodness that is there. Our hearts are a battleground for good and evil, and to forgive is to be willing to help both the “offender” and ourselves overcome the logic of evil. It is to wager on the side of good and to trust that goodness is ultimately more attractive to the human heart than the idol of evil. Christ always looked into the heart and wagered on the side of good.

2. Turning the Other Cheek:
"if you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them” (Luke 6:32). Christian forgiveness involves waiving our claim to damages. It means turning the other cheek. It means giving up our cloak as well. Yet all this is relatively easy in comparison to giving over our good name, to proceeding in charity even when it will be misunderstood. Even here, we must waive our claim to damages, willingly die in the furrow, and patiently await the Father to raise us up again.

3. Going the Entire Distance:
The Christian ethic is positive. It does not consist merely in not doing bad things but in doing good things; building up positively. We change the world little by not doing things. Christ was not satisfied with that. He gave up his tunic, he gave up his good name, and he gave up everything— up to the last drop of his blood. So often we feel good about ourselves because we measure up to our neighbor; but it is not our neighbor with whom we must compare ourselves. It is God with whom we must compare ourselves, and he has shown us how to be fruitful —by paying our ransom with his own blood. In forgiveness and mercy, his generosity is without measure.

Conversation with Christ:
Dear Jesus, help me seek perfection in loving you and my neighbor constantly.  The path of generous love is the path I want to travel because it is your path, and you are the source of  my happiness.

I will be the first to offer an apology or a solution to build unity in my home and workplace.

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