"Do Not Fail Him"

I will transmit a Christian message to someone today
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Mark 1:29-39

Introductory Prayer: Lord, I believe that you are the Son of God, who became man took on human nature so that you could deliver us from sin and open up the gates of heaven for us. I beleive in you because you are mercy itself and because you seek my true good in every instant. I love you and long for my love to grow since you deserve to be absolutely first in my life. Thank you for these moments of intimacy with you now.
grant me the grace to glorify you with my prayer. Open my heart so that I will receive with faith, trust and generosity all the lights you send me.


Petition: Lord, grant me the grace to embraceunderstand my mission as a Christian.


1. “Rising very early before dawn… he prayed.”  Jesus had been completely occupied all day in healing anyone in the whole town with ailments and demons, yet he has the energy, conviction and determination to rise early to pray. True prayer, true dialogue with God is necessary for a disciple of Christ. EiWithout it,therwise we will have nothing to give to others. Prayer needs to be a priority in myour life if Iwe wish to be a faithful followers of Christ.


2. “Let Us us Go go Onon…”. Peter found Our Lord in a deserted place at prayer. An ordinary personman The normal thing for Jesus to do would have been to gone back and meet all the people who wanted to praise him. An ordinary personman The normal thing to do would have been open to prepare for another evening of healing at Peter’s house. But Our Lord gently lettold Peter know that he was much more than just an ordinary man. “Let us go on:” In these words we see Christ’s heart. He has come to fulfill the Father’s will and to save souls. “Let us go on:” …” There is no time to waste. “Let us go on:” …” He wants to reach thosemany other souls, to feed them with his words, for he is the Word. He wants to protect them from those who would tear them apart with their lies and deceptions. They need him. “Let us go on….” Does my heart resonate with this invitation: d? Are myo I have broad horizons broad when it comes to transmitting Christ to others?


 Do Not Fail Him! Pope John Paul the Great spoke to the Catholic young people of the world in Denver in 1993. He told them not to fail Christ. Christ was placing in their hands a share in his own mission. They were to go out to the whole world; they were to proclaim the good news of salvation. The Gospel is good news, and every human heart without exception yearns to hear the good news of the Son of God who became man to redeem us. Let us go and give Christ to others. We cannot hold back. We must open our hearts; we must discover in prayer that the message of Christ needs to be preached. In prayer we must hear Christ’s words: “Let us go on.” He will preach through us, through our example, prayer and sacrifices. He will preach through our reaching out to our brothers and sisters in true charity. He will make himself heard if we generously offer ourselves to him ourselves whole person with generosity. Let us go on; let us not fail him because of our lack of faith, confidence or love. Let us not turn back because of our selfishness, pride or laziness. Let us go on!


3. Be Proud of the Gospel John Paul the Great exhorted the young people at World Youth Day in Denver to be proud of the Gospel. Yes, we must be proud of the Gospel. In his words –– “This is no time to be ashamed of the Gospel, no time.” We have the fullness of the truth. We have been blessed by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in baptism and confirmation. At least once a week on a Sunday, Christ gathers us around his altar to offer a perfect sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. We are blessed with the abundance of new life in Christ. This is no time to be ashamed. This is a time to be proud to be Catholic. God has conquered sin and death. Christ is the Eternal King. We should be proud of him and his Church. Let us go on with great confidence, charity and strength to show to all that Christ is victorious.


ConversationDialogue with Christ: Lord, you came that we may have life and have it to the full. You love us so much. Open my heart to the greatness of your love for all mankind. Help me to see that the Church is your Bride and the universal sacrament of salvation. Grant that I may serve you as a faithful son/ or or daughter of the Church, spreading your Word ever further.


Resolution: I will transmit a Christian message to someone today.be proud of the Gospel and make a special effort to speak well of the Holy Father, bishops and priests.


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