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Today I will perform some an act of charity today that for some time I have neglected or been afraid to do for some time
by Father Jason Brooks, LC | Source:
Mark 1:14-20

Llamado de los primeros discípulos

Introductory Prayer: Lord, I adore you for y. You alone are the Holy One, you alone are the Lord, you alone are the Most High, Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit in the Glory of God the Father. Lord, I love you and wish to know you more intimately, since you are goodness and mercy itself.

Petition: Lord, grant that I may turn to you with all my heart, soul and strength so as to follow you faithfully all the days of my life.  

1. Repent and Believe in the Good News:  There is no time to waste. We have one life to live and only one chance to live it. Jesus is trying to tell us that we have to make the most of it. You We have heard about Jesus before. Perhaps, you we have been going to church and listening to his word for decades. However, have you we allowed Christ’s message of love and mercy to penetrate your heart? Have you we turned away from all attachment to sin in your life and really followed the Gospel?

2. Follow Me and I Will Make You Fishers of Men:  We can’t forget that the essence of the Christianity religion is following Jesus, the Son of God. As his mother Mary told the waiters at the wedding at Cana, “Do whatever he tells you” (John 2:5). It is Jesus who is the real protagonist in our spiritual lives. He takes the initiative to call us to himself, and to follow him more closely. He invites us to follow him in proclaiming the Good News to the whole world. It is not enough to know Christ. We have to share our faith with others and let the Gospel direct our decision-making process.

3. Leaving Their Father in the Boat, They Followed Him: We naturally want to be comfortable and do things familiar to us. In fact, most of the ads we see appeal to our desire to rest and be secure. However, Jesus breaks the mold and commands us to leave get out of the our comfort zone. Unless we first change ourselves, we cannot expect to change the world. Until we first dedicate ourselves to knowing Christ better and more intimately, we will not be ardent apostles of his kingdom.motivated to improve or go beyond our comfort levels. Only after we have had a personal encounter with Christ can we experience the bliss of loving him more and cooperating in his saving mission. As Pope John Paul II so often encouraged us, echoing the words of Christ himself, “Be not afraid!” Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone to serve Christ in love.

Conversation with Christ: Jesus, I want to follow you more closely. Help me to know you as you are so that I can love you as you deserve to be loved. Grant me the grace of knowing you better and more intimately so that I can experience the bliss of loving you more. Lord, place in my heart the plentitude and perfection of your divine love so that my heart will be a reflection of your Sacred Heart, full of meekness, kindness, and sweetness. Finally, Eternal Father, grant me the fullness of your grace, which consumes all weakness, so that my heart will be lifted up with an indescribable enthusiasm to embrace yourmy cross and follow faithfully follow in the footsteps of your Son.

Resolution: I Today I will perform some an act of charity today that for some time I have neglected or been afraid to do for some time.

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