A Christian has to be a man for the others by being a man with the others

In this time of summer vacation, how many times will we see ourselves tempted to stop thinking about others and focus in ourselves
by Pilar Bacha de Camargo | Source: Catholic.net


“A Christian has to be a man for the others by being a man with the others”

(JoséMa. Cabodevilla, Our Father Speech)


In this time of summer vacation, how many times willwe see ourselves tempted to stop thinking about others and focus in ourselves.


Is there a contradiction between “Well deserved rest” and “bea man for the others”? Not at all! Taking a few days to rest or partakingin an activity we like, amuses us, and entertains us, does not mean “not thinkingabout the others.”


The hedonism, in search of immediate satisfaction; thematerialism, and the egocentrism, fueled by mass media, all of these puttogether make humankind lose the correct path and move towards an existentialvoid, where God is notably absent. A full life is measured in how much more wegive ourselves to others, in how much more we think in those that surround us,and for the glory of the Lord.


The Gospel of the widow’s mite (Lc 21, 2-4) gives a clear example of this: “Jesus also saw a widow throwing some pennies and said: I assure thatthis poor widow has thrown more than all others, because those others havethrown what they have to spare, but she has thrown in her poverty everythingshe had to live with.” Why does this widow get rid of the basic? Because toher, it is more important to use the few money she had to pursue eternalsalvation and for the spiritual good of allthose that approach the temple.


Saying that a Christian has to be a man for the others means putting everythinghe does for the benefit of those that surrounds him, of his loved ones, ofthose that are under his responsibility, of those that require his services atwork, etc. If we take a break and draw a nice face and give the best ofourselves, then we “are for the others.”


Now, the second part of the title “…by being a man with the others” is even morecomplicated, because it involves solidarity with those in need, to understand them,to approach to their needs, and to love them as they are. Giving charity to thepoor or serving food in a cold and rainy day is easier to do than sitting withthem to listen to what they have to say. This is “be a man with the others.”


We do not always have a good opportunity to getinvolved with the person we are helping, but it is worth keeping it in mind sothat we can apply it every time we can.


Now that we are going to the beach, to the mountain orstaying at home is a perfect moment to put forward what God asks of us: thinkof others and, in some way, be with them. There are thousands of ways to do it,but… an easy and simple way is here, through Catholic.net.


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And, how can we “be people with the others”? Praying, especially for those who have less, forthose who suffer, for those who do not have a minute to rest whether it is bysickness, a problem without solving, or any other cause. These people will feelthat we are “with them” as a resultto all of our prayers. Therefore, before you go, you can place in our prayer network  your petitions too.

Catholic.net needs you. By making a donation, we willbe covering that essential part of our being, the necessity of being, as Christians, men for the others and with theothers.


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God bless you all,

Pilar Bacha de Camargo




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