Call It What It Is

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...
by Jim Fair | Source:

I was listening to the news about Libya earlier this week.  According to on-scene reports, planes dropped bombs, ships launched missiles, tanks rolled, bullets flew between government forces and rebels and lots of people got killed and wounded.

It seemed like a war.  But the official U.S. government spokesman clarified – and the media reported – that our country was not involved in a war but, rather, a kinetic military action.

What a relief!  Bullets probably don’t hurt as much in a kinetic military action as in a war, right?

No.  Not really.  And this is just an example of the attempt by government and complicit media to spin reality, to use words to soften the reality of what is happening.

I doubt this is the last we’ll hear this sort of distortion.  Look out for the following:

·         A government stimulus package called a kinetic economic action.

·         Government takeover of a car company called a kinetic automotive action.

·         Billions spend on high-speed rail called a kinetic transportation action.

·         A tax increase called a kinetic revenue action.

·         A job layoff called a kinetic personnel reallocation action.

·         Spending on a bridge to nowhere called a kinetic land-linking action.

·         A grant to a cowboy poetry contest called a kinetic western cultural preservation action.

·         An abortion called a kinetic pre-natal elimination action.

Ridiculous?  Don’t bet on it.  Government and media have created an art form of calling a sewage treatment pond a lipid pool natural beauty.

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