New TV Ad for Abortion Targets Men

Real life abortion is about fear and coercion.
by David Monahan, LC | Source:
            Recognizing that the primary beneficiaries of abortion are men, Planned Parenthood has decided to launch an ad campaign targeting men as key players in exercising a woman’s right to choose. The script of the advertisement was leaked today:
Black and white close-up of a sincere, nervous young man. He begins in a reedy voice:
YOUNG MAN: When Susie said she was pregnant, I panicked, I didn’t know what to do…I just wasn’t ready…
Fade out, and is replaced by a serious looking middle aged man.
MIDDLE AGED: When our Megan came home from college and told her mother and me that she was pregnant, I remembered of all those years that I worked and saved for her tuition… wasted.
Fade out, and he is replaced by a grim 40 something.
40-ISH: When my girlfriend told me she was pregnant I thought, “Man! My wife’s gonna kill me!”
Fade to black
ANNOUNCER: Is her pregnancy ruining your plans? Does it make you feel cornered and not in control? Don’t you wish the problem would just go away?
As the announcer speaks, fuzzy, silent, black and white images show YOUNG MAN sitting in a corner looking anguished, running his hands through his hair; MIDDLE AGED on his feet, emphatically arguing with a silent, seated girl, her downcast face invisible to the camera; 40-ISH furiously smoking a cigarette, talking into a cell phone, trying to keep his voice down so no one will hear.
ANNOUNCER: There is a way out. Millions of men, just like you, have absolved themselves of responsibility thanks to… Abortion. Abortion is legal, affordable, and for you, it is safe and painless. Abortion. Take back control. Make sure she makes the right choice.
As the announcer finishes, upbeat music starts to play. Then the men reappear in the same order, but in color, with open, pleasing, park-like backgrounds.
YOUNG MAN (confident and smiling): Abortion saved me from eighteen years of child support.
MIDDLE AGED (with conviction): Abortion saved my plans for my little girl.
40-ISH (expansive): Abortion saved my hide!
ANNOUNCER: Abortion: Saving your hide since 1973.
OK, so this is an adolescent prank, but after almost forty years of legalized abortion we know by experience that the image of empowered young women descending like Athena upon Planned Parenthood clinics to claim their autonomy is a myth. Real life abortion is about fear and coercion. More often than not, women choose abortion under emotional, social, and economic pressure. Women choose abortion feeling either desperately alone, or manipulated by boyfriends, husbands and fathers who prefer making a $400 investment to a $400,000 one. Women choose abortion while being fed misinformation about the risks it poses to themselves, and about the stage of development of the fetus within them.
Calling an act preformed under circumstances of ignorance, manipulation, and fear a “choice” does violence to language, but such a ploy is necessary in order to mask violence to women.     

David Monahan, LC studies for the priesthood in Rome.  He can be reached at


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Published by: RCK
Date: 2011-01-08 00:51:07
The person that wrote this is way out of touch, and has no clue what he is talking about. While I am sure that some females are influenced by others to have an abortion. THe females of today have minds of thier own. They do not want the responsibility of a child. Or more children. And, many can not afford to take care of one. (Or another one) Its all well and good to sound all high and mighty about this subject like the author has. But is he or the church going to pay to have, raise, and upkeep the child? To provide it a safe place to live? To protect it from evil people that it might be forced to live around due to economics? And many times, the females has no idea with the father is. Or are mistaken due to a loose life style, or infidelity. A week of watching Maury Povuch would wise you on on that account. Thanks to DNA testing, we can see that even what was thought to be innocent females are not so innocent after all. So stop dumping it at the feet of the male. Yes, abortion is wrong. But as I have tried to show above, things are not as simple, and cut and dry as the author seem to make it sound. And females hold just as much responsibility in their situation as the male, or males that she coupled with. The church will never end abortion. And trying to overturn Roe V Wade is not the answer. People will still want to get them, and will. What needs to be done it to make them either, not want to get involved in te behavior in the first place, or, not even consider abortion if the do our of what they have been taught, and believe. Laws will not do that. It will just create more criminals rather that address the real problem. I also find that its rather odd that in this day and age here in the west anyway, the church teaches that all forms of birth control is wrong when it would save many innocent lives. (the babies) But then again, its due to training, and upbringing. And let not forget about the spreading me all kinds of STD's. running like wild fire. And in some cases, a simple shot will not fix the problem any longer. And for those that do not know that they are infected, they can spread it around, and on, and on. Sometime it will effect the health of the person in later times. I guess that the scripture was right that, in the latter days, people would get like this on such a large scale. And its getting worse. Thanks.

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