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Return of the Pagan

When being a Christian means being a Martyr.
by Thomas A. Flynn, LC | Source:

On the distant summit of Mt. Olympus, mighty Zeus and his horde of deities are slowly rising from their extensive slumber. They answer the beckon of modern man who has grown tired of Christianity and its supposedly rigged mores, and desires a return to primordial paganism and widespread promiscuity.

Year 2011 is upon us and for some reason I find myself asking, “Is that A.D. or B.C.?” As another year progresses, it seems like society regresses into a distant pre-Christian era.

Values that were once sacred and shared by all are now asked to be kept in the closet while vices are made public and promoted by the state. Nativity Scenes and other external signs of faith are considered harmful to society while laws are passed to assure pornographic images their right to stay on billboards across the country, justified by the term “art”- which today encompasses about as much as the term “stuff”. I will only say this; if it is art, why don’t we find pornography decorating the walls of courthouses, doctor’s offices and grade schools?

Sex has found a throne on Mt. Olympus and it is glorified, honored, and revered like all other gods. We are told to practice “safe sex”, yet no one ever questions whether people should be having sex in the first place. Condoms are distributed like candy and only add kindling to the fire of passions. We are like a society addicted to heroin that is only concerned about the use of clean syringes. Safe is not the problem; sex is.

Such liberal ideas about sex only lead to the normality of abortion. At the height of the Roman Empire there existed in Rome a plaza where anyone could leave an unwanted baby. It was common for women to leave their child there if it was fruit of an illicit conjugal act, if it bore some deformity, or if it were the child of a prostitute. In that square children were left to die, slaughtered, or sold into slavery. Unfortunately the children of today cannot even make it to the plaza. The unwanted are simply aborted under the excuse of “the mother’s health” while paying no attention to the child’s health. Other mothers are now given the luxury of knowing if their child has an illness and should therefore be eliminated so that no one will have to suffer. Personally if I were given the choice to live sick all my life or be killed, I would probably choose the former.

Like earlier pagan cultures the Catholic Church has become a focal point of much persecution. Though the Coliseum still stands, its blood-sport is now played out in the mass media where Catholics are fed to the lions of false accusations and unjust criticism. Groups like ACT UP, CFFC (Catholics for a Free Choice), and See Change are given ample space to voice their views against the Church. Their vile is published in newspapers and magazines around the world, painting the Church as a den of thieves, bandits and villains.

Churches are closed down and transformed into meeting halls and night clubs, while witchcraft and Satanism are on the rise. In Athens, the pagan temples are up and functioning with Doreta Peppa the priestess hosting worship. Even the Royal Navy now has its Wiccan Chaplain.

Never before has the Church needed martyrs than it does today; men and women who are called to stick up for the Truth, even when it means going against the tide. Being a Christian during Diocletian’s reign meant sudden death, yet today they prefer to take away our reputation instead of our lives. We are living in a time of white martyrdom and as Christmas approaches it is consoling to know that we are not alone. “In Bethlehem and its surrounding district [Herod] had all the male children killed who were two years old or less, reckoning by the date he had been careful to ask the wise men.” (Mt 2:16)

Thomas A. Flynn, LC studies for the priesthood in Rome.  He can be reached at 

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