The Creed of Scientism

Just as orthodox
by Matthew Schneider, LC | Source:

“That’s just what you believe.” This retort rings hard for every believer in the world today. Science claims to have all knowledge that is beyond mere belief and to be open to new ideas as opposed to the rigid orthodoxy of religion. Why do the laws of nature work that way? They just do. Anyone who objects is called a moronic mediaeval metaphysician stuck in the Stone Age. Every Christian has the basis in the reasonability of God’s existence and his self-revelation, while every atheist scientist has his basis in the inalienable laws of nature. It is God who made nature or nature that came from ... well ... “the fluctuation of nothing.” Imagine nothing fluctuating. No! The image is wrong as to fluctuate it needs to be something. That’s seems a lot more like mere belief than a Christian’s reasonable belief. 

The belief here is not science itself, but scientism – the belief that the only knowledge is scientific. This is prevalent in modern universities. While the Christian defends the right of others to practice an unorthodox creed, this belief accepts no knowledge outside itself. The Christian can take on knowledge from fields outside his religion – he could be a chemist, a doctor, or a poet – while here we have something that cannot accept one iota from outside its system. It is the rigid orthodoxy. 

We believe in no God,
No Father, No almighty; (Except maybe the inexplicable natural laws)
Creation came from nothing,
All that is seen and that is all. (Except what we can see with microscopes)
We believe in one lord, hard Science,
the only source of knowledge,
Only proof against the Father, (Excluding all knowledge but science, we deny truths beyond it)
Atom from Atom,
Cell from Cell,
Animal from Animal, (So evolution tells us)
One in truth with Atheism,
Through it we explain all.
For us men and for our knowledge,
It comes forth from universities. (Our centers of mysticism)

By the power of nature,
We were born of the Virgin Organisms,
And became too many.

For the sake of science we can ignore morality:
Man will no longer suffer, just die and be buried.
On the third attempt we’ll clone a baby;
Stem cells ascend into man,
and seat him above the Father.
Science will come again in “facts”
To judge the moral and the immoral, (Ergo, what advances science = good, religion = bad)
And its kingdom will have no end.
We believe in the Holy Scientists,
Our lords, the givers of truth,
who proceed from Atheism and Science.
With Atheism and Science
they are worshiped and glorified.
They have spoken through reputable scientific journals.
We believe in no holy, trustworthy, and legitimate Church. (Save the Church of scientific discoveries)
We acknowledge no baptism since there is no sin.
We look for the wisdom of professors
And the life on this world alone.

Matthew P. Schneider, LC is a religious brother and seminarian with the Legionaries of Christ.

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