Made for Heaven

How to help find you child’s vocation
by Jocelyn Christianson, Consecra | Source: Mater Ecclesiae College

“Made in China”

Everything human-made, however small, is stamped with a claim, “Made in ____”. Just look at your pen. Where was it made?

Now look at the sky above. Is there a manufacture claim up there? True beauty is proof enough of its origin; it was made in heaven.

But look into the eyes of your son. Or look at the peaceful breathing of your daughter as she sleeps. Aren’t these an even higher proof of being made in heaven? Yet where our children come from is just the beginning; it is where they are going that makes us marvel. They are “Made for heaven”.

Pointing them in the right direction

As parents, we realize that if they were made for heaven, then we must help them find the way. And if we’re going to help them find the way …well, that is the problem. How can we help them find the path dreamed by God for their lives?

The Church tells us in the Catechism that “Parents have the mission of teaching their children to pray and to discover their vocation as children of God” (#2226) and that “They should encourage them in the vocation which is proper to each child, fostering with special care any religious vocation” (#1656).

Directions to heaven

Though each child is different, these are a few ideas to help you guide your children towards God’s call in their lives.

H eros
Every child dreams of being a superhero! Shape these dreams with the ideals of holiness and happiness seen in the lives of the Saints. There are countless examples of everyday girls and boys who became “superheroes” for God. Teach your children that happiness comes from following God’s path and that countless lives are marked by one life lived to the full.

E xample 
Your example speaks louder than your words. Teach your children to love through your witness at home. Let them grasp from your marriage that true loves means seeking the best for the other. Let them see in your life a true Christian life by showing them that Christianity isn’t just a Sunday thing, its way of life that means living for God and for others.

A ccompany
God’s plans for their lives are His plans for your own life. You are very much involved in your children’s vocations. In a way, the gift given to them is also given to you. If God calls them to a religious or consecrated life, God is also calling you to share in their vocation and mission, and to support them on the path less traveled. Walk with them.

V ocation 
How can they follow God’s plan if they don’t even know that God has a plan? Don’t let the idea of a call be a “taboo” topic at home. Speak about vocational possibilities. Pray about it during family prayer times. And offer your children the greatest gift of all – the assurance of your 100% support wherever God leads them in life.

E ntrust
Remember that God loves your children even more than you do. Entrust them to his care and BELIEVE in the power of his love. Let the love story unfold between God’s heart and theirs. You play the match-maker, introducing the two through your witness and prayer.

N ourish 
Don’t forget to nourish your children’s souls just as faithfully as you nourish their bodies. Pray with them and teach them to pray in such a way that Jesus Christ becomes a true friend in their young lives.

Made for Heaven

So, when you tuck them into bed at night, remember that each of your little ones was made for heaven. With the gift of sharing in God’s creative love through the procreation of his children, comes the responsibility to deliver them back to Him safe and sound. Every second spent directing them to heaven is worth it, for going back to him is both our happiness and theirs. We are all “Made for Heaven”.

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