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The same tool designed to keep our kids out of trouble is a portal to the world of pornography
by Sherry Antonetti | Source:
Every day well meaning parents send their children off to school equipped with a tool designed to keep them safe, a cell phone.

These technological marvels allow working and carpooling parents to keep tabs on their kids many activities and ensure that Mom and Dad are always reachable.

What many of these same professional caring educated parents may not know is that the same tool designed to keep their kids out of trouble is a portal to the world of pornography.

That’s right! Your child might be just three button pushes away of accessing porn.

The problem is that the technology of today has outstripped most parents’ knowhow, street smarts and even interest.

Our generation most likely uses a cell phone as a phone.

We simply make calls.

We hardly text messages.

Most of us would not even classify the word “text” as a verb.

We don’t have the time to spare in searching for ring tones and photos to match up with caller ids for each of our family members and friends.

However, our kids do all of that and more.

My son uses a section to access games, tunes and pictures.

He happily picked out a Star Wars ring tone to indicate his Lord and Master -– Dad -- was calling.

He added a game to play on the commute home.

He then tried to get pictures, and eight of the ten catalogs that came up first were sexual in nature: “ChicksgoneCrazy”, “HotGirlsHot”, and so forth.

My son showed me the catalogs and I felt sorrowful and sick in my heart.

How many children had found these images?

How many parents remain unaware of the availability?

This was not a case of going into a kid’s room to find a playboy in a brown paper bag hidden under the socks in a drawer.

This was portable instant porn available 24-7 in all its horrible flavors.

There is even a “browsing” feature to allow the user to pick thumbnail pics before buying or not.

So children who used to stand in the 7-11 and try to sneak a look at the back rack of rags now could check discretely while waiting at a bus or walking home from school, just by using the phone.

In light of all the new ways that our children’s innocence can be stolen in an instant by those who do not value it, we must become more savvy about all the modern ways the world has access to our sons and daughters.

Parents need to keep up with the iPhone (text messages, photos), the internet (e-mail, downloads, online profiles), the social networks (facebook, MySpace)the list expands daily.

We must as we did when they were younger, anticipate their next first steps, seeing what they do not see and where they could get hurt from lack of experience.


Fortunately in this circumstance, access to the “Hot College Chicks” and “For the Ladies” catalog of pictures can be blocked by a simple call to one’s carrier to request that internet access and connections via the phone be denied.

The customer service representative I spoke with about the matter did not even know such material was so readily accessible.

I suggested that the higher ups of the company reconsider making such material so easily available, in light of how parents might feel if they knew such access was provided without their knowledge.

I hinted the public backlash to discovering that children were gaining access to “adult” websites and even directed to such material via the choices provided by the phone carrier would be severe.

The representative had the grace and class to agree and to forward on my complaint.

When I mentioned my experience to a friend who taught eighth graders who frequently relied on cell phones, she also was unaware of this issue.

Teaching our children how these modern tools can sunder us from God and each other requires that we know what the tools are capable of doing.

These technological marvels are a great asset, but they also can be instrument for sin if we lack the knowledge of their capacities and neglect to instruct our children.

We will have to be watchful parents as we shepherd young growing men and women into the adult world.

Hopefully, we can instill in our children the values that will help them reject the outside world’s idea that all choices are harmless and equally morally acceptable.

In the meantime, next opportunity I have to upgrade my phone, I’m picking the one that doesn’t have pictures.

The industry needs a device to ban porn from cell phones as it is done with personal computers. 

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Sherry Antonetti is a freelance writer of humor and spiritual columns and a stay at home mom to her eight children. Check more of her writings at at  

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