Atheists Arrest the Pope?

While appealing to the educated to support its ranting against Christianity and organized religion, militant atheism shows that it is like a broken record that simply shouts out the same dissonant tune as in bygone years.
by Br Nathaniel Haslam, LC | Source:

‘Pope Benedict XVI put in prison for crimes against humanity!’ The headline hits the front page of all major newspapers and magazines in September 2010. During his trip to Great Britain, he is arrested by atheists who triumph that modernity finally trumps the Catholic Church which is nothing more than an antique relic belonging in the museum of history. This is of course a dream, fantasy, and make-believe, yet the laughable idea was seriously asserted in early April by two famous British atheists (Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens). According to an article published on April 15th in Zenit, jurists, lawyers, and atheists alike disapproved of the idea. What are we to think of militant atheism? 

It is important to understand what militant atheism thinks of itself. This movement (or rather ideology) sees itself as the true leader of society. True progress, true humanization, and true freedom can only be achieved when God is not part of the picture. The atheism we face today is much more subtle, cynical, and emotional that what we saw in the 20th century. The atheism of Nietzsche, Marx, Lenin, Feuerbach, and Stalin had a political tone and was used to assert agendas through violent action. The 21st century faces a version of atheism that appeals to man through his wallet, his sexuality, and his supposed intellectual superiority. Militant atheism professes to be the leaders of today, but really represent the worst mankind has to offer. 

While appealing to the educated to support it’s ranting against Christianity and organized religion, militant atheism shows that it is like a broken record that simply shouts out the same dissonant tune as in bygone years. Atheism is no leader and certainly has no right to claim culture, history, or science is on its side. It would do well for us to remember that atheism was directly responsible for killing over 100,000,000 men and women through Nazism and Communism in the 20th century. 

If we want to get serious about leadership and building a culture of justice, peace, and love, we would do well to look to Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church for guidance. True progress is always consistent with the integral, holistic development of the human person. Militant atheism and the culture of death go together and only lie to us. Instead of the Pope being called to court for being a bulwark of moral truth and a lighthouse in the darkness of our secularized world, we should instead demand that militant atheism be put on trial and take the witness stand. Pope Benedict has shown us his authenticity and laid down his life for the good of humanity as the Shepherd of Christ’s Church. The fruits of his life are obvious and benefit billions of people. History will surely show that Pope Benedict was a true leader while militant atheism should be restrained and held in check whenever it arrogantly tries to assert itself as a leader. 

Br Nathaniel Haslam studies for the priesthood in Rome.

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Published by: Mike
Date: 2010-06-09 13:21:52
Hello, Excellent article - especially the point of the 100million murdered through Nazi and Comminist regimes. Mike

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