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Dear Friend in Christ,

Many people would love to receive a subscription to this Lent.

Your generosity in sharing right now is indeed an act of Lenten charity. 

Who might appreciate’s free services? Consider:

• Your parish priest and your priest friends (it will help them feel closer to the universal Church)

• Your friends who are away from the Church, or the ones who left the Church to join other faith traditions (they will finally know what the Church actually teaches) 

• Principals, religion teachers, parish leaders ( offers them an ongoing education)

• Your bishop (perhaps he still doesn’t know about our faith-formation services)

• Your neighbors (you’d have something new to talk about over the fence) 

• A cloistered religious (the sufferings and joys of mankind would help the religious to understand the need we have of his or her prayers)

• Friends who always criticize the Church (so that they will know what the Pope really says)

• Bosses or superiors (they will receive information coming from a different angle that will help them do their job)

• Retired friends and relatives (they will find much to think about and meditate on)

• Young people looking for answers (they could find many on

• Fellow parishioners and prayer group members (they will learn a great deal about the Church)

• Choir members (so that they participate with more motivation and joy)

• Your aunts, uncles and cousins ( can help promote family unity)

• The catechists in your parish (they will find many tools to help their work)

• Non-Catholic friends (So they can discover the true Church)

• Missionaries (the news stories will help them see the importance of their work)

• People who have helped you through difficulties (you could never repay them for how much they’ve helped you, but you can show your gratitude)

• Those who are sick or suffering (they will find reasons to renew their hope and continue forward)

• Loved ones ( will give you more topics of conversation)

• In-laws (they might enjoy keeping up with the Pope and the Church)

• Colleagues and co-workers (it will make coffee breaks more interesting)

• Stay-at-home moms (it will help them with information on raising holy children for the Lord)

• Youth discerning their vocations (they will reflect on the examples of holy men and women and the roots of their faith)

• Your old college friends (they will think of you every time they visit

• Community volunteers (they will know that they are not alone in their charitable work)

• Members of sports teams (you will surprise them with your inspirational testimony)

• Family members who live far away (they will feel closer to you each day) 

• Your Facebook friends and friends on other social-networking websites (they will have more reasons to interact with you)

• People you e-mail often (so that more people can be evangelized)

By giving to your friends and loved ones — remember: it’s a free service! — you help to spread the justice of God manifested through faith in Jesus Christ, as the Holy Father highlighted this Lent (see Romans 3:21-22).

Giving a subscription to is very simple. Go to:

Surprise your friends and loved ones with a free subscription to Share Christ with them!

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Eucharistically Yours,

Rosalia Tenorio

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