Pro-Choice and the Deadly Name Game

Change a word and you can change a culture.
by Thomas A. Flynn, LC | Source:

There has been a lot of name calling lately, yet when it comes to life issues many terms seem to be off the mark. 

For years now the Pro-Choice Movement (itself a misnomer) has been subtly changing terms in hope to push forward their deadly agenda.  Abortion clinics across the nation have donned the titles “Pregnancy Center”, “Women’s Health Clinic”, and the like in hope that their neon signs cause less commotion on Main Street, USA.  Government organizations are labeled “Pregnancy Strategy” and “Population Control” in order to cover up their promotion of contraception, abortion and sterilization.  All of this is done so that the killing of innocent humans will be swept under the rug.

When speaking about the origins of life, words such as “embryo” are preferred to “human being” in hope to shed some fog on the issue.  By calling the human being an embryo (unborn creature in the early stages of development), pro-abortion advocates want us to consider humans as a mere lump of cells, equal to a giraffe or goldfish.  Unfortunately for them, scientists have yet to discover a human embryo that develops into a zebra.  A human embryo will always be a human being. 

And so the Name Game continues.

Pregnancy looks more like a disease now a day.    Women are warned about the dangers of promiscuous sex and coerced to use contraception so as to avoid “a harmful result”.  In its diagnosis, culture has reduced children to just another STD and seek to remedy a pregnancy instead of promiscuity.  With warped ideas such as these, one can see how the FDA would allow the Plan B pill to be given to minors.

Ambiguity seems to be the only rule to this toying with terms.  Birth certificates in Spain have thrown out “mother” and “father” for “progenitor A” and “progenitor B” in case a youngster’s guardian is unsure as to which old fashioned term they belong to.  Closer to home, Oregon’s bill on Euthanasia was kindly labeled the “Death with Dignity Act” in hope that voters would be less concerned about what they are voting for.  Gender is another word that has been morphed and masqueraded.  What once were two (male and female) has now become five according to the United Nations.

Words are important. 

We use them to express ourselves and they shape the way we think.  Change a word and you can change a culture.  Take for example the “Boston Massacre”.  This was the term used to explain a little skirmish back in 1770 with the hope of raising anti-British support amongst the colonists.  Yet how many people died in this famous massacre? Two hundred, three hundred? Nope, just five.  Precision is key when it comes to the words we use.  Person, fetus, marriage, and right are just a few terms that are in the process of being altered, remodeled and restyled.  Strip the true meaning and you end up with a rather relative term that will reap havoc on society as we know it.

The old adage, “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is in dire need of revision.  Today words are more deadly than ever and the longer we play this fatal name game, the fewer contestants remain.  

Thomas A. Flynn, LC studies for the priesthood in Rome.  He can be reached at

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