Does God Love the Real Me?

Being "perfect" doesn´t make you a more lovable person.
by Melicia Antonio | Source:

Some women wish they had been born into a video game. One of those “Sim” worlds where you can choose all your personal characteristics: height, age, face and hair, physical build, skills, career, intelligence…you can even dress yourself in the clothes you want and design your circles of family and friends.

Is it surprising that a woman ends up choosing many characteristics she doesn´t have? Every time she turns on the TV or opens up a magazine, she´s inundated with ideals of a superficial and external perfection.  The world exalts the perfect body, the outgoing personality, the talents that attract the attention of the crowds, and the riches that proportion every material pleasure imaginable.

Constantly comparing yourself with these standards can make you feel unsatisfied with the way you are: with your body, with your health, your temperament, and your abilities. What are the consequences?

You become a high consumer of advertised goods, dependent on material things to make you feel valuable.
You start judging yourself and others according to external characteristics or achievements.
You forget that there is a much deeper dimension of beauty to be achieved: beauty of spirit.
But there´s an even more serious consequence: this dissatisfaction with your real life prevents you from experiencing God’s love for you, because God loves you just the way he made you.

Reflect for a moment…God was completely conscious when he created you and he chose every one of your personal characteristics.  It is with these characteristics that he wants you to love him. You may consider some of them to be crosses, but God is perfectly aware that these crosses will bring you closer to him. It is in accepting, suffering, and striving to overcome our personal limitations that we become more human, more compassionate towards others, less centered on ourselves and more centered on others.

Without this sincere self-acceptance and healthy self-love, you could end up spending most of your life wishing that you were someone else -the “ideal” you- but that isn’t the person God loves, or the person that can love God in return.

Changing this perception of yourself and of others is not a day´s work. It requires constant effort to distance yourself from negative influences, and undo mental schemes that focus on false concepts of perfection. Is it worth the effort?  Without a doubt. Consider it to be the first step towards recognizing how truly beautiful you are and how truly beautiful your life is, because Someone’s personal love for you has already made you beautiful. 

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Published by: Quyenanh
Date: 2010-10-14 22:48:34
How very beautifully written. I am a high school student, and having read this, I feel so much better about myself despite the things I encounter at school or in the general public, such as people judging me because I look a certain way or because I am asian. I have spent much of my life not being able to accept who I am and struggling to "find myself", but I thank you for posting this wonderful article. It makes me realize and remember the things that really matter in life, and most importantly that God loves ME, for who I am. I hope other women and girls have the opportunity to read this because it will surely humble them and remind them that it's not all about your personal achievements and looks. You are beautiful and oh so valuable because God loves you will all your faults.

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