Saint Ariadne

September 17
by Fr John Bartunek, LC | Source:

Uncle Eddy's E-mail -- September 17

Saint Ariadne,
(entered heaven around the year 130)

Dear Ariel,

I´m sorry to hear that you´re running into so much opposition to your faith and your evangelizing efforts. I thought such a small campus, even though fairly secular and hedonistic, would be more open to discussion. I guess I´ll have to redouble my prayers, which will be easy, since these days I am spending most of my time in a new prison. I only come back to my traditional, blah cubicle to sleep (which is why this note is going to be so short – I am considerably worn out from today´s weird tortures). The new prison is a small room in which there are no right angles. The furniture, the walls, the ceiling, the doors – it´s all oblique and acute angles, no symmetry… I think it´s designed to make me go crazy. It´s almost working.

But enough about me. I think amid your current difficulties you need to ask for the faith to rejoice, because it´s clear God is giving you a chance to exercise your faith in a special way, as he does with all his saints, like today´s. Ariadne was a Christian slave owned by a pagan master in Phrygia (modern-day Turkey) in the second century. We know very little about her (you´ll be able to get more details in heaven, God willing). But we do know that she ran into some difficulties in trying to be faithful to Christ, just like you.

During one of her master´s birthday parties, part of the celebration consisted in some pagan religious ceremonies. As these were idolatrous, the courageous woman refused to participate in any way at all. So she was flogged. (Flogging, as you will recall, was a lot more than a little spanking back in those days when human slaves were considered little more than chattel). The flogging was bad enough, but the mistreatment continued, to the point where she ran away.

To escape her rabid pursuers, who were fast gaining on her, she ran right into a huge rock that opened itself up for her and then mysteriously closed back together. She was never seen again. It´s rather peculiar, I admit, but however you want to read it, the lesson is clear. If you stay faithful to God, God will stay faithful to you. And you can take that to the bank.

Your loving uncle, Eddy

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