Unseen Realities

The practice of faith has many dimensions. Most people concentrate on what can be seen. However, did you know that you're one of the most important links in that "other dimension"?
by Kathryn M. Cunningham, MAPS | Source: Catholic.net

                Everyone’s got one………….a favorite scripture.  Mine comes from a book of the bible that was the story of a people caught between two faith traditions.  The book was written to the Christian Jews of Judah or Jerusalem.  The letter strikes an elegant balance between the virtues of the “old faith” and the promises of the new and how the two really support each other in a unique synergy.  It was written to strengthen the community at a time of trial and persecution, the Book of Hebrews.  Only faith can guarantee the blessings that we hope for or prove the existence of realities that at present remain unseen.” (Hebrews 11:1)   I turn this passage over and over in my head especially when I am in doubt, which can happen numerous times in any given day.  You know, the Protestants have it right, memorizing scripture is like spiritual vaccine.  The act of putting the word “into us” affords protection from the damage of spiritual attack when we least expect it and most need it.  In the comfort of our modern society, how easily we forget that we battle with principalities that are not visible, that the battle is constant and for the ultimate price that we could ever pay; our soul and our ability to live in eternity with God.  As Wordsworth (1807) said: The world is too much with us.  “The world is too much with us; late and soon, Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers; Little we see in Nature that is ours; We have given our hearts away.”  His observation is astute, we waste the powers that we have been given because we look in the wrong direction.  Remember the only reason that Peter sank after successfully claiming the power to walk on water was that he turned his focus away from Jesus and paid more attention to the surrounding storm!

            The Hebrews reading clearly reminds us that, as believers, we have been invested with incredible power to actualize the Kingdom here in this material world.  The power comes from the exercise of faith and our ability to remain steadfast in its reality when it “seems” to makes no sense to have faith in the first place.  The writer of the passage addresses these Jewish converts to Christianity, who are now being challenged with this new Messiah. The writer brilliantly reminds them that all they have gone through in the past is not wasted nor lost.  He tells them that the faith that is carried within them is a living entity.  When we have faith, we actually form the seed of things that have not yet occurred.  Before blessings are visible in the real world they actually live in us!  So when we have faith we are actually instruments of God.  The realities of what He wants to accomplish exist in us before they are ever visible to others!   That’s really what “faith” is, the germ of God’s will before it is fully blossomed.  That has to exist somewhere and is part of the believers’ job to serve the Lord’s will in this way.  This is part of God’s plan as well as an awesome responsibility!  Faith is a living thing and can only be practiced by humans.  So when the Lord gives you an inclination to believe, to pray, to intercede, take the task seriously.  The Father is asking you to take up a new seed, allow it to be planted in you and nurture it with your faith.  He will transplant the seed where and when he needs to.  But until that situation is actualized in the world, you’re the one who is participating in giving it life as the Lord wishes.  Hebrews 11 makes this perfectly clear.  You may or may not see the fruits of your work, but make no mistake about its importance and seriousness.  We don’t have time to argue about our worthiness for the task.  Do your job, it’s what God needs right now this minute!  Like the Hebrews, there is no time to reflect back and regret, just practice your faith, it’s the vehicle that carries the Kingdom forward.


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