Podcast Series: Women of the Bible: The Good Girls and the Bad Girls

The award-winning script was written by Linda Gray Kelley and she portrays all the characters. Produced and narrated by Susan Bailey.
by Linda Gray Kelley | Source: Grape Vine



Women from the Old Testament include:


Scene 1: Eve  (Genesis 2-3)

Mrs. Adam, formed from Adam’s rib, was tempted by the serpent. She didn’t follow  God’s dietary restrictions and blew it for us all... and then got evicted from the Garden of Eden.


Scene 2: Noah’s Wife (Genesis 6-9, 15-18, 21-22)

Naamah put up with her husband’s boat-building, safari-hunting, and a LONG sea voyage.  Her humorous litany of infractions reminds us of the illusion of control.


Scene 3:  Sarah (Genesis 12)

Abraham’s wife, barren for many years, encouraged Abraham to have an affair with her servant, Hagar, who then gave birth to Ishmael.  Still, she wanted a child of her own, and would stop at nothing to get it.  She was flawed…just like all of us.


Scene 4: Rebekah (Genesis 25, 27-29)

Rebekah goes from being a gregarious teen bride selected for Isaac to a devious mom who plays favorites with her twin sons…and loses her whole family in the process.


Scene 5: Leah (and Rachel)  (Genesis 29-30)

Laban’s daughter Rachel is betrothed to Jacob in exchange for seven years of his labor.

At the wedding, Laban sneaks Leah (his older daughter) in.  Jacob then needs to work another seven years before he can marry Rachel (who he wanted in the first place). He has children with both wives and their handmaids.  It’s the stuff tabloids are made of!


Scene 6: Potiphar’s Wife (Genesis 39)

Potiphar’s wife tries to seduce her slave, Joseph.  Then she sends him straight to prison when he turns her down flat!


Scene 7: Pharoah’s Daughter (Exodus 39)

Bitya went to bathe in the Nile and found Moses floating in a basket.  She adopted him and he later became the leader who freed the Hebrew slaves.


Scene 8: Delilah (Judges 16)

Delilah was bribed by the Philistines to discover the source of Samson’s strength.  After several tries, she convinced Samson to reveal his secret, and then brought in the barber to shave Samson’s hair as he slept.


Scene 9: Naomi (and Ruth) (Book of Ruth)

When Naomi’s husband and son died, and left them in poverty, she wanted to return to her own land.  Ruth, her devoted daughter-in-law accompanied her and they met Boaz …who later took Ruth as his wife. This love story redefines having a relationship with your mother-in-law!


Scene 10: Witch of Endor (1 Samuel 28)

First, Saul sent her away (witches weren’t allowed), then he called her back and had her conjure up the ghost of Samuel.  The ghost predicted the death of Saul and his sons …and even this “witch” had a soft spot for this ill-fated family.


Scene 11: Hannah (1 Samuel, 1-2)

Hannah deals with heartache, infertility, and abuse and finally gives birth to Samuel, who she then gives back to God!


Scene 12: Bathsheba (2 Samuel, 11)

Bathsheba is spotted bathing on her roof by the voyeur King David.  She is confused trying to choose between him and her righteous husband, who’s been shipped off to war.


Scene 13: Esther (Book of Esther)

A beautiful queen, who triumphed over the villain of the book, married the hero, and lived happily ever after.  Her courage and cleverness save the Jewish race.


Scene 14: The Virtuous Woman (Proverbs 31)

This description of the ideal woman is a mirror in which all of us can examine ourselves…although few will find their likeness.


Women from the New Testament Gospel Stories include:


Scene 15: Young Mary  (Luke 1:  26-53)

Mary gets unbelievable news about an unplanned pregnancy, a broken engagement, an itinerant preacher/son, and his untimely death on a cross.  Also features Elizabeth and the Archangel Gabriel.


Scene 16: The Bride at Cana  (John 2:  1-10)

The bride at the wedding feast of Cana freaks out when her wedding planner announces that they have run out of wine!


Scene 17: The Adulterous Woman (Luke 7: 36-48, John 8:1-11)

The woman caught in adultery is about to be stoned to death when Jesus turns things around and goes to bat for her.  Imagine her gratitude!


Scene 18: Herodios (Mother of Salome)  (John 27:19)

The wicked Herodias wants for only one thing to make her royal life complete:   the head of John the Baptist on a platter!


Scene 19: Woman with Hemorrhage  (Luke 8:43-48)

The prayerful and repentant woman with a hemorrhage skillfully manages to maneuver  herself in the crowd, trying to touch the rabbi Jesus, knowing that this will heal her!


Scene 20: The Samaritan Woman at the Well (John 4:1-23)

The Samaritan woman gets schooled by Jesus at the well.  She doesn’t seem to mind when he tells her to bring all her husbands, and all the disparaging villagers for some REAL refreshment!


Scene 21: Martha and Mary of Bethany (Martha and Lazarus’ Sister) (Luke 10:38-42)

Martha (as in Martha Stewart!) is passionate about many inconsequential things.  But she stops multi-tasking long enough to “get it” about Jesus’ message.  Mary of Bethany, Martha’s sister is head-over-feet for Jesus and washes them with her hair.  She is so grateful that Jesus has raised her brother Lazarus from the dead!


Scene 22: Mary of Bethany  (scripture verses needed)

Copy needed


Scene 23: Pilate’s Wife  (Matt. 27:19)

She had a dream that Jesus was innocent and tried to warn Pilate not to harm him, but would he listen to her intuitions and advice?


Scene 24: The Passion According to Mary  (John 19:25-27)

Mary sees her son condemned, tortured, and dead on a cross!  What must this be like for any mother, much less the son of God!


Scene 25: Mary of Magdala  (Easter) (John 20)

Mary of Magdala is brave enough to visit the empty tomb and joyfully finds her teacher disguised as the gardener.  She and the others finally “get it” about the resurrection, and hopefully so do we!


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