Speaking as a Messenger

The bible is clear about how we are to function as messentgers. Sometimes God really does want us to be the one to share his message!
by Kathryn M. Cunningham, MAPS | Source: Catholic.net

       Do you sometimes get that sinking feeling that you are "the one" to deliver that message to someone in your circle of friends or family? In reality this is a position of honor and responsibility. The bible is clear about how we are to function as messentgers. Sometimes God really does want us to be the one with the information!

         So, you’ve “got it”!   You’re sure, it’s profound and maybe even life changing!  The message, you’ve got the message for your daughter, your son, your spouse, your best friend.  The situation has gone on for a while now and you have the message that your dear one needs.  Now what?

          Who hasn’t delivered “the message” in the past only to have it wind up as the disaster that causes you not to speak with the recipient for years, or wind up in a blow out that leaves each person smarting for days?  The position of “messenger” carries with it certain responsibilities beyond simply delivering the message.  The point of the message is, of course, that the person it’s meant for hear it, so that they can receive some benefit or wisdom.  As a messenger, this is your first priority.  So before you deliver “the message” there are a few things that you need to look at.  Being a messenger should not be taken lightly.  One of the first thingsthat you need to examine about the message that you have is; Who does it benefit most, you or the person you are delivering it to?  If it is a piece of information that will give you more satisfaction that the person who hears it, maybe you need to re-think.  That kind of message is often something that rises out of one’s own ego or hurt feelings.  This kind of message only creates more havoc.  Spend some time discerning the message.  Mull it over for a couple of days, if the urge is still strong and is not something that “riles you” every time you think of it, then this is probably a message that is meant to be spoken.   God’s work of healing and reconciliation is never surrounded or accompanied by chaos, disorder or anger.  If any of these emotions are attached to “the message” then this a sure sign that this particular piece of information need not be articulated.

          Then we have “messenger protocol”.  The bible shows us how messengers are supposed to act.  When the three strangers (angels) delivered the unbelievable message to Abraham that he would be the father of many nations when he and his wife (Sarah) were in their 90’s they cordially sat down with him to a meal in an act of hospitality.  When the Angel delivered the message to Mary that she was to be the Mother of the Savior, his first act was to greet her with ultimate respect: “Hail Mary”, a greeting reserved for royalty.  The angels present at the tomb of Jesus who announced his absence  were quiet calming influences at this scene of death  and destruction.  They provided hope in an impossible situation. So we see that God’s example of messengers show us that delivering an important message should be surrounded with grace.  When people are approached with a spirit of calm and respect they are more likely to hear the message that is being delivered. 
          If you are sure that you have been tapped to be the messenger, use the suggestions above to check out your assignment.  Make sure that it’s a message that is meant for the person’s good and not your own ego gratification.   Don’t speak until you are ready to deliver the information with calm, in a spirit of hospitality.  Do not engage in a debate regarding matters of right or wrong.  It does not matter if the reciepient agrees or disagrees with you.  It does not matter if the your person likes the information or dislikes it.  If you have done your duty as a messenger and you delivered the information with grace and a spirit of generosity, your job is done.

Copyright 2009, Kathryn M. Cunningham, all rights reserved.  Learn more about Kathryn and her views on practical spirituality at: www.atravelersview.org 

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