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The Healing Mysteries

An open-minded Anglican takes up the rosary and is surprised by the healing power it brings.
by Dwight Longenecker | Source:
As a young Anglican curate from an Evangelical background I wasnt too sure what to do when a friend gave me a rosary. Not wanting to dismiss a form of prayer which was important to millions of Christians around the world, I got a book which explained the rosary and started to pray through the traditional mysteries connected with the life of Christ.

Before long my life began to change. I got involved with a priest who had a counselling ministry. As I worked with him, dark areas of my own life started to be exposed to Christs healing light. My life was turned upside down as I faced areas of sin and need that I had hidden from myself. There were times of depression, confusion and fear as God dealt with the deep rebellion and unhappiness which I had locked behind my mask of a successful young minister. The connection with the rosary only dawned when, after a particularly gruelling session of counselling my priest friend said gently, Our Ladys prayers have helped you so much havent they? Suddenly I realised all the painful revision God was doing had begun after I started to pray with the rosary.

About a year later God led me to help others in the healing ministry. The rosary was a tool I put into their hands to help them pray their way into Christs healing. Many inner problems are linked with childhood. Even the best parents make mistakes, and children internalise the traumas of childhood. If nothing is done about them the traumas turn rotten and cause emotional or physical problems later. The joyful mysteries are particularly helpful for inner healing because they connect us with the formative stages of life in childhood. The five mysteries of the Annunciation, the Visitation, the Nativity, the presentation in the Temple and the Finding in the Temple are all about Jesus childhood. Jesus went through the stages of natural growth in perfect love. Praying these mysteries with the rosary helps bring Jesus healing love into those same stages in our own development.

Some counsellors believe the foundations of our personality are laid down at the moment of conception. Studies suggest that people conceived in a moment of lust, drunkenness or violence have a tendency to be lustful, violent people who may develop a drinking problem. People conceived in a secure atmosphere of love will have love and confidence at the foundation of their person. Jesus was conceived in a moment of miraculous and perfect love. Praying the rosary and meditating on the Annunciation brings that moment of perfect love into the foundation of our own lives. If we pray with the intention that God will heal any deficiency in the moment of our conception, then Christs dynamic love flows into that very moment of our lives, and the inner healing can be profound.

Our Ladys visitation to Elizabeth took place while Jesus was in her womb. Psychologists and doctors have much reliable evidence that our nine months in the womb are formative not only physically, but emotionally and mentally. If we grow for those nine months in a stress-free environment of love and peace it helps make our personalities full of freedom and loving confidence. If we were carried in a situation where Mother was stressed or angry, those feelings were transmitted and affected our forming personality. As we pray the mystery of the visitation we can ask God to minister to those deep memories within our heartsmemories of our time in the womb. They wont be specific memories. They may be feelings of frustration, anger, guilt and fear. Those unborn feelings still exist at the base of our person and may influence our daily lives and relationships. Mary carried Jesus in perfect love. As we pray the Visitation, the Spirit can minister that healing love to our own memories of those crucial nine months. As Gods love flows into our primitive feelings the effect will be healing and good, even if it remains mostly unconscious.

At the centre of the joyful mysteries is the Nativity. Even though Jesus was born in a stable, he was born in perfect love and joy. Counsellors often take their clients through a re-living of the birth experience. Even the best of births is a painful trauma for mother and baby. This is part of the curse of original sin. As we pray the mystery of the Nativity we can ask the Spirit to apply the perfect love and joy of Christs birth to our own birth experience. Marys motherhood will fill any deficiencies in our natural mother. If there are any traumas and bad emotional effects in our present lives, the healing love of Christ will flow through these prayers and help us to overcome the problems.

The presentation in the temple was a bit like infant baptism. The child is brought to the temple and presented to God for a blessing. Our baptism was the first and most important moment of grace in our lives. As we pray this joyful mystery we can be taken back to the joy of that moment. In meditating on the joy of Mary and Joseph we will be able to share now in the joy that was present at our baptism day, even though at that time we were unaware of it. If we were not baptised as an infant something important was missing, and by praying this joyful mystery the Holy Spirit can fill in the blanks, helping apply the joys and fruits of our later baptism back into the memories of childhood. The boy Jesus entered into childhood from that point, and by praying this mystery with an open memory, God can minister to any traumas and bad experiences which may have afflicted our childhood. Any present illnesses connected with those bad experiences can then be healed by the perfect love of the child Jesus.

When Mary and Joseph went to find Jesus in the temple he was twelve years old. This is the age of the Jewish boys initiation into adulthood. It is about this age that Catholics are confirmed. It is an important milestone in growing up, and it is loaded with risks. The new teenager has to cross the difficult terrain of growing up. This is a time of trauma, doubt, fear and new temptations. If we pray the mystery of finding Christ in the Temple with an open mindasking God to bring the sins and traumas of adolescence to mind, then any troubles from that time can come into the healing love of Christ. The sins of youth often hang around to plague us later, and if certain past sins come into the memory they can be taken to confession to receive full sacramental forgivenesseven if they are decades old.

Now that Im a Catholic the rosary means more than ever before. The joyful mysteries not only take me into the mystery of Jesus and Mary, but also into the heart of the mystery of Christs bodythe Church. Through the churchs ministry, Christs healing can flow back through the past events of our lives, through our adolescence, childhood, and even to the events of our birth, gestation and conception. This doesnt take any special kind of prayer technique. We only have to pray the joyful mysteries, imagining our own stages of childhood and asking God to minister to anything that was lacking. God wants to bring us to perfection in His Son. Simply opening our hearts through the joyful mysteries turns them into the healing mysteries of love.

Dwight Longenecker used to be an Anglican minister. He is now a freelance writer working from England. His book Challenging Catholics is published in October.

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Published by: Neena
Date: 2011-06-27 06:50:25
Dear Fr./Mr. Longenecker, I am very inspired reading your article on inner healing and esp. the recitation of the rosary. I am a Catholic living in Mumbai, India. I have been saying the rosary for quite some time, more so since the last year. I have never thought of meditating on the mysteries the way you have interpreted them. I need a lot of inner healing and am going to put your interpretation to use. I would be grateful if you could share insights into the other mysteries too. Thank you.

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