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Killing Isn't Always a Crime

Wouldn't an enterprising news hound want to know why?
by Jim Fair | Source:

A man is being held in jail not far from where I live, charged with two terrible crimes:

1.      First-degree murder

2.      Intentional homicide of an unborn child

The crimes are linked; the man is charged with killing a woman who was seven months pregnant at the time.  So, two deaths occurred.

The same day that the woman and her unborn baby were killed, an abortion clinic (excuse me, women’s health center) just a couple miles from my home was doing brisk business killing unborn babies.  But the people killing those babies are not charged with anything – at least not by law-enforcement authorities.

The deafening silence from the media and our nation’s political leaders about this strange, illogical situation amazes me.  Both the man sitting in jail and the “doctors” at the abortion clinic intentionally killed a baby (actually, the folks at the abortion clinic killed a number of babies). 

There are differences, of course.  The accused murderer killed a woman in addition to her baby – and we can presume that being seven months pregnant, she wanted the baby to live (as well as herself).  On the other hand, the aborted babies arrived at the abortion clinic inside women who didn’t want them – or perhaps would have preferred they live, provided it required less commitment of time, money and emotion.

The decision on whether the killing of a baby is murder or a legal choice would appear to rest on how wanted the baby is, which really means the motive of the killer.  (For the sake of this discussion, let’s please assume that the folks at the abortion clinic realize they are killing babies, not administering flu shots or taping sprained ankles.)

So, let’s assume for the moment that I’m a doctor who does abortions (a real stretch, I admit).  And let’s imagine I stop after a busy day at the women’s health clinic for a drink after work.  Hey, it was a busy day and that little tug of conscience needs some soothing.  So…let’s say I have a couple drinks, get back into my car, run a red light and crash into someone else.  And let’s just suppose that someone else is a pregnant woman, who I kill along with her unborn baby.

In this very imaginary scenario, I have just killed two people and committed two crimes.  But in my regular job – killing unborn babies in a clinic – I have not done anything illegal.  In fact, the law protects my intentional killing of babies, but will punish me for the unintentional killing of one baby.

I guess what this tells me is that killing a baby – either intentionally or by accident – is a crime if it occurs outside an abortion clinic.  If it happens inside a clinic, it is fine.

For a dead baby, death comes either way.

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Post a Comment
Published by: Carolina
Date: 2009-01-01 10:00:00
wow! the world is walking through darkness! how this can be happening? murder must be a murder whatever the situation is! we need to pray for our countries, and many women should stop thinking that they have the right to whether give life or not... hey it is not your right!! let babies live to decide if they want to live or not!

Published by: Carolina
Date: 2009-01-01 10:00:00
wow! the world is walking through darkness! how this can be happening? murder must be a murder whatever the situation is! we need to pray for our countries, and many women should stop thinking that they have the right to whether give life or not... hey it is not your right!! let babies live to decide if they want to live or not!

Published by: Carolina
Date: 2009-01-01 10:00:00
wow! the world is walking through darkness! how this can be happening? murder must be a murder whatever the situation is! we need to pray for our countries, and many women should stop thinking that they have the right to whether give life or not... hey it is not your right!! let babies live to decide if they want to live or not!

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