Is Mary Competition for Christ?

Through Mary to Jesus.
by Father Nicolás Schwizer | Source: Schoenstatt Press Office

1. Mary leads us to Jesus. We first have to respond to fears and criticisms regarding Marian piety: Many fear that Mary separates us from Chris, that she is “competition” for Christ, that she places herself as a “screen” between God and us. At the origin of that fear, there are usually negative experiences caused by off-the-track practices of Marian piety or false focuses on the person of Mary. Such fear does not correspond to the reality desired by God and proclaimed by the Church in her life and in her doctrine.

2. Do what he tells you. John Paul II said: “Mary was truly united to Christ. Not many of her words are preserved in the Bible, but the ones which are take us anew to her Son and to his word. At Cana of Galilee, she addressed the servants with these words: “Do whatever he tells you.” (John 2:5) She continues giving us this same message.

“Do whatever he tells you” are the last words of the Virgin preserved in the Gospel. They are, therefore, as if they were her testament. They are words directed not only to the servants at the wedding, but to men and women for all times. They contain the total desire, experience and mission of Mary: to lead us to obedience to Christ.

3. Mary is at the center. We all know: that Mary is not the center of our faith. She is not the true reason for our hope. She is not the final aim of our love. Rather, it is Jesus Christ -- and with him the Triune God – who is all for us. But, we believe she forms part of the mysteries which are central to our faith. Without being the center, Mary is at the center. We believe that Mary, because of her unique position in salvation history, also has a special position in our personal salvation history.

4. The normal way. For us, Mary is the normal way to Jesus Christ. The Fathers of the Church have previously stated: The way by which Christ came to man should also be the way by which we should come to Christ, and Christ came to us through the Virgin. When we give Mary a privileged place in our hearts and we entrust ourselves to her education and intercession, then we are on the way to her Son. She then leads us to Christ and the Triune God.

5. The easiest, shortest, and surest way. Mary is not only the normal way to Christ. She is, according to the words of Pope St. Pius X, also the easiest, shortest and surest way to Christ. Marian devotion is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind: this is manifested by the great enthusiasm with which the image of the Virgin has been received everywhere, and if we love the Virgin so much, then we are already loving Christ, because he is the reason why we love her in the first place.

This is one of the mysterious laws of love. True love implies and includes love for everything. Therefore, love for Mary is extended and becomes – sooner or later – love for Christ.

6. The most fruitful way. Mary is also and lastly, the most fruitful way to Christ. Pope St. Pius X tells us beautifully: “The Blessed Mother gives us vital knowledge of Christ.” She points us to Christ. Through her Christ is revealed to us. The veneration of Our Lady is helpful on our further understanding of Christ, because everything about her, tells us something about Christ.

7. Mary’s charisma. Her feminine and maternal charisma make the persons of the Holy Trinity approachable. Mary’s walk of faith teach us a lesson of familiarity with the supernatural world, a lesson of faith. Our mother makes the Church a home, and we are all spiritual siblings under her maternal intercession. This charisma explains the strength and the rootedness of the Marian devotion. The Blessed Mother was pivotal on Jesus’ ministry (John 2:3-5) and he desired that she also played a pivotal role on our personal salvation “Behold your mother!” (John 19: 27).

8. The example of the great Saints. The great Saints of all times affirm and prove with their lives, the truth and the importance of this classic way THROUGH MARY TO JESUS. Hardly without exception, they have been men and women of great Marian devotion. Many of them have even consecrated themselves to the Virgin, and she, without a doubt, has led them to her Son, all the way to the height of sanctity.

9. Mary is the land for the encounter with Christ. All the love we give to the Blessed Virgin, she gives to the Lord, because it comes from him. This way, our love finds, through Mary, the easiest, shortest, surest, and most fruitful way to Jesus Christ and God.

Questions for Reflection
1. Who is Mary for me?
2. Which is my favorite prayer to Mary?
3. What does the phrase “Through Mary to Jesus” tell me?

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