The Pope Rejects Popularity

The Holy Father won't endorse condoms to get a boost in the polls.
by Jim Fair | Source:

Pope Benedict XVI has found the perfect formula for raising a ruckus in the media.  He just proclaims moral truth.

Because moral truth is so often at odds with opinion polls, the media are flabbergasted.  Most recently, the Pope traveled to Africa and suggested that chastity, not condoms, will win the fight against aids.  In fact, he suggested that condoms might increase the spread of disease because they encourage illicit sexual behavior.  And I expect he is right.

NEWS FLASH:  You don’t have to be Masters and Johnson to realize that anything that encourages promiscuity is likely to increase the spread of sexually transmitted disease.  After all, like it or not, it isn’t societies that exercise good control over their passions that are suffering an aids epidemic.  It is societies in which the ruling ethos is “if it feels good do it.”

If the Holy Father wanted to be applauded in the media he could have proclaimed that condoms were a great thing because the might prevent aids and they might prevent pregnancy, so people could use them and feel comfortable when fornicating.  I can just imagine the headlines:

·         Pope accepts realities of modern world

·         Pope embraces sexual reality

·         Rome enters modern times

·         Sexual oppression by Church finally ends

Of course, were that to happen, the accurate headline would be:  Pope stops loving.

It is for love that the Pope spoke against condoms.  He knows that condoms promote sexual relations that are not open to life, that are selfish and irresponsible.  And as the Holy Father, he wants what is truly best for his children – all of us.

The Holy Father has a vast family to attend.  But those of us trying to do our best to manage a nuclear family face the same principle.  The child would be happier (at least for the moment) if the parent let him stay up all night watching scary movies, provided an unlimited supply of chocolate and didn’t send him to school.  But clearly, there would be consequences down the road that would leave the child profoundly unhappy.

A great many people – including most in the media – seem to believe the world would be a happier place if condoms (and sex) were free.  The Pope knows the pleasure wouldn’t last long.

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