Media Encourages the Slippery Slope

Stem cell decision should be reported as bad news.
by Jim Fair | Source:

The headline in the Washington Post tells you pretty well how the media feel about this particular issue:  “Obama lifts Bush restrictions on stem cell research.”

I don’t think I’m reading too much into the tone of the headline to suggest that the publication view’s Obama as the good guy, correcting a “restriction” by the bad guy Bush.  In fact, if the newspaper were writing from a more moral viewpoint the headline might have been one of the following:

            “President acts to destroy human life right after conception”

            “Obama reverses Bush effort to save babies”

            “Obama acts in defiance of church teachings”

OK…I know I’m not going to see any of those headlines in a secular paper.  But what the media – this particular newspaper being just one example – are missing is the real news here:  another slide down the slippery slope to the culture of death.

A very wise Pope once suggested that birth control would lead to women being treated purely as objects for pleasure, which would lead to an increase in abortion, which would diminish the value of life, which would lead to acceptance of euthanasia.  He was right.

I’m not a Pope and not terribly wise, but if you can kill tiny embryos to get stem cells, why not embryos that are a little further along?  And if that is OK, why not use developing embryos to grow various needed organs?  Come to think of it, why not pay dying people or the elderly for various organs and body parts while they are still alive – after all, they are more useful for a younger person and could improve the quality of that younger person’s life.

And what if you could clone yourself so you always had all the extra parts you would ever need?  Under what circumstances is it morally licit to take the life of one human being in the hope of improving the life of another?

Well…our President has decided that the circumstance is when it is a defenseless embryo.  Perhaps the media should remind him that this was a decision he considered to be above his pay grade. 

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