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Moral Investing Paradigm Shift

"The only way to master time, in fact, is the way of forgiveness and thankfulness whereby we receive time as a gift and, in a spirit of gratitude, transform it.”
by | Source:
Via Catholic.Net, the faithful Catholic continues to gain deeper understanding of faith treasures and the applicability of the fullness of the Truth to modern day decisions. The Truth, regardless of the human’s perceptions, does not change with time nor do the virtues that transcend time. Pope Benedict XVI stated,

…”the only way to master time, in fact, is the way of forgiveness and thankfulness whereby we receive time as a gift and, in a spirit of gratitude, transform it.”

In regards to moral investing, what are the Truths about moral investing and should we ask for forgiveness pertaining to not being informed and not taking personal action and responsibility about this grave matter?

In reference to both Sacred Scripture and papal writings, the revelation is investing is necessary, and, more poignantly, moral investing is a sacred obligation.

The issue arises when a Catholic seeks to find a means to invest morally to fulfill this sacred obligation. The continual rise of corporations [over half of the Fortune 500 companies have succumbed not only to tolerating homosexuality and heterosexual activity outside the sacrament of marriage but instituting “domestic partner benefits”] that are instituting “domestic partner benefits” makes the sacred obligation for a Catholic investor appear to be unattainable or not actionable on the surface.

If we were to ask you, the reader, or any other faithful Catholic you know, the following question, “Is there a brokerage firm and/or investing methodology that’s sole purpose is hinged on investing morally”? What would be the answer?

Outside of a handful of companies that have nobly developed morally responsible mutual funds (traditional, sub-optimal investing approach that is based primarily on buy and hold), do the rest of the 10K+ mutual fund managers even know what moral investing entails?

This is a perceived serious and grave dilemma that today’s Catholic faces. Is there a better way to invest than a mutual fund approach that is fundamentally based on moral investing? Where does the Catholic go to find the means to invest morally beyond the traditional sub-optimal buy and hold mutual fund approach?

Due to instant access to investment data through technological advances, such as the internet, and the implementation and combination of the internet with mathematics, an individual investor is now able to manage and control their own morally responsible equity portfolio without sacrificing performance.

In fact, because there are now ways, for the first time in history, to directly participate in morally responsible investing via direct stock investing, the individual investor, because of the low cost in managing their own portfolio, can now have the propensity to do what most professionals can not do: outperform the major market indices.

By integrating the access to investment information with advances in web-browser technology, combined with the dawn of online brokerage firms, Catholic investors now have a means to establish, manage and control their own morally responsible direct equity investing portfolio while not having to pay for the “professional” services.

The practical actualization of this capability is beginning to be discovered and this investment paradigm shift will enable a Catholic, for years to come, perhaps forever to be able to exercise their sacred obligation to invest morally. Please prayerfully discern this sacred obligation to invest morally. For more information, go to and discover this new investing frontier that hinges on morally responsible investing. 

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