Lukasz’s Journey Home
The boy who met Christ

“Hey, Lukasz! Did you have a good day at school?”
by By Brother Lawrence McClure, L | Source:
Mr Brozda took his eyes off the map sprawled out on the dining room table when he heard the back door slam shut. He smiled as he saw his ruddy, fifteen year old Lukasz come bounding into the kitchen.

“Hey, Lukasz! Did you have a good day at school?”

“Fantastic!” said Lukasz with a big smile on his face. He made a beeline to the kitchen to see what he could find. After rummaging around a bit he came back to the dining room table, and staring at the map he bit into a crunchy apple.

“Dad, guess what?”

“What?” said Mr Brozda looking at Lukasz.

“Before going to school today I was able to go to confession and receive communion during Mass. I offered it so that my cousin Mary would receive her First Communion fervently.”

“Good! Sunday will certainly be a big day!”

“What do you have the map out for, Dad?” asked Lukasz, biting into his apple again.

“Well, I have to leave in a little bit for some business. Right… here…” replied Mr Brozda as he put his finger on a small town about two hours away from Krakow. “I’ll get back Sunday morning in time for the First Communion of course. Would you like to come with me, Lukasz?”

“That would be great, Dad! When do we leave?”

“In about one hour or so.”

“Hmmm… Dad, tonight I’m meeting with my friends in ECYD. Do you think I could take the bus and meet you there later?”

Mr Brozda gave Lukasz permission to go to his ECYD meeting and catch up to him by bus. Ever since Lukasz had joined ECYD a couple of years ago, he and his friends, besides just having a lot of fun, had grown in their love for Christ and done numerous other activities to help others grow in the faith as well.

Later that night an exhausted Mr Brozda pulled himself off the bus station bench as the bus from Krakow rolled in. He put a smile on his face and several moments later Lukasz leaped off the bus, still beaming, and munching on another apple.

“How did the meeting go, Son?”

“It went great! We got to play soccer and had some fresh donuts!” Lukasz continued, “We talked about the Eucharist and its importance in our lives. As a team we committed to go to the vigil tomorrow night in preparation for the First Communion on Sunday. I told the guys I’d try to make it, but if not that I could do it from here.”

So when Mr. Brozda finished his work earlier than he expected Saturday afternoon than, Lukasz was excited that he would be able to go to adoration with his friends.

Before Lukasz could meet our Lord in the Eucharist, however, he met him in Heaven. Returning to Krakow, there was a three car accident and Lukasz was one of four who died. Many were sad to think that they will never see that Lukasz’s bright smile on earth again. But they know that Lukasz is happy, and like a true friend is smiling down on them from above.

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