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The story of Bella.
by Mark Thelen, LC | Source:

How many times do we complain about how the way things are in our lives, in those around us, in the world? Many times, we don’t say anything, but in our minds, “if only…”
We aren’t the only ones; many others, I even dare to say, everyone thinks this sometimes. But Eduardo Verastegui, Alejandro Monteverde, and Leo Severino didn’t just think it, they did something. Thousands witnessed the fruit of their thought throughout the past week in cinemas throughout the United States.
For a short time, Eduardo had staged an extremely successful Hollywood career, and was described by many as the “Brad Pitt of Latin America.” Yet he was not satisfied, he wanted to change. In his own words, Eduardo recognized that, “I knew I was not born to be a movie star…. I was born to know and to love and to serve Jesus Christ, and that’s my goal.”
But he wasn’t satisfied with just changing himself; he wanted to revolutionize the film industry. He teamed up with Director Alejandro Monteverde and Producer Leo Severino to “to use the media and film to elevate the dignity of the human person.”
But, this project started changing lives and promoting human dignity even before it reached the big screen. To produce his pro-life film, Eduardo wanted to “build his character and do some research and investigation.” So he went to an abortion clinic. There he met a pro-life group trying to dissuade young women from aborting, and before he knew it, he was involved. “Eduardo, this couple, they don’t speak English, we don’t speak Spanish, can you talk to them?”
After talking and showing them a video on the reality of abortion, the couple decided to cancel their appointment, and later Eduardo received a call. Eduardo had talked to the same man and his girlfriend just months earlier at the clinic. “Eduardo, I have great news for you. My boy, my baby was born yesterday. I want to ask you permission because I want to call him Eduardo.”
This would be enough as Eduardo himself says, “It changed my life… I didn’t plan to do that. I was only doing my investigation as an actor. I never thought that by the grace of God, I was going to be used as an instrument to save this baby to be Eduardito… It was just amazing, to the point that I thought: Even if ‘Bella’ never comes out and nobody sees it I rejoice in the Lord for Eduardito’s life.”
But the movie has come out, and they are hoping to change thousands and even millions of people’s live because, "the purpose of my life, of our lives—I was not called or born to be an actor, nor created to be famous, nor rich, nor an engineer, a doctor, a success. I was called to be a saint."
- Information taken from Zenit, 26/10/2007 and, 23/10/2007.
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