The Gift of Life

God often writes straight with crooked lines, showing his providence in the gift of life.
by Reuben Nuxoll, LC | Source:

The doctor had to act fast. Two innocent people were about to die.


Mark and Rachel Gehring drove to the hospital on October 9th, when Rachel went into labor, 8 days past her due date. She called her family and friends and asked them to pray for a safe delivery.

Around 9:30 that evening the anticipation rose, as it seemed that the baby was close to entering a new world … but then something went very wrong.

The baby’s monitor showed that the heart rate had dropped to 60, and suddenly Rachel felt ill. The medical team went into immediate emergency management.

About an hour later, Rachel awoke from the anesthesia following a c-section to see Mark holding their third boy, Levi Felix. Mark was saying, “Our baby is all right.” A tearful doctor, an anguished but relieved father, and a very weak mother were looking on a live, cute little boy.

It all flashed back. Almost seven years ago, Rachel awoke from anesthesia and asked Mark, “Where is my baby?”

The local parish priest was there, as Mark replied, “She didn’t make it.” Little Elizabeth Therese went to God at full term and is now in heaven looking down lovingly on her family.

Then as now, the cause was an abruptio placentae. Usually, placental abruptions occur in women who take drugs, have hypertension, or have blood-clotting problems. Everything had looked normal in Rachel’s case seven years ago as it had this time. When the placenta tears away from the uterus, mother and baby are in danger: The baby has only minutes until it loses its life support, while the mother hemorrhages internally.

God’s hand was evident in the safe arrival of little Levi. Another woman was being prepared for a c-section in the surgery room when Rachel’s nurse yelled, instructing the them to get that woman out of the surgery room now so Rachel could get in.

The anesthesiologist, who was on call, had shown up half an hour late, so they were only about to start on the other woman rather than being in surgery for over 30 minutes with no room or doctor available.

Rachel’s doctor grabbed her arm and walked her to surgery, saving at least 2-3 minutes without transporting her on the rolling bed.

Later, as grandma was holding Levi in the hospital, the doctor came up and snatched him from her arms. She held him up to her face with a big smile and said “You lucky little boy!”

The next few days Rachel began calling family and friends to thank them for their prayers and for the providential and safe arrival of little Levi. One of Rachel’s sisters and two of her friends said that they had stopped to pray for her on the 9th … at 9:30pm.

-From a personal testimony.

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