To Be a Mother

What is a woman’s mission before the Father?
by Father Nicolás Schwizer | Source: Cheryl Dickow is the author of
Mother and Virgin
Women are mother and virgins. That applies to all women regardless of their state of life. The married woman should also not only be mother but also cultivate a spiritual virginity. Maternity and virginity are conditions for the full fertility of the feminine soul. Therefore, a true woman and mother should foster both principles:

Maternity is the GIVING of oneself: service, concern for life, personal surrender, denying oneself and loving, the personal encounter.

Virginity, on the other hand, is the RESERVATION of oneself: purity, attentiveness, the inner self, receptiveness, childlikeness and openness before God.

The element which is being lost today is the spiritual virginity, or spiritual purity, that is, one’s own dependence and childlikeness toward God, the loss of what is great and noble.

Maternity and virginity, both worlds must complement each other. We find the model in the Blessed Mother: she embodies not only the spirit but also the reality of being mother and virgin.

Each mother, each woman who wants to achieve full maturity must learn to cultivate and balance these two factors: maternity and virginity, reservation of oneself and generous giving of oneself, receptivity and attentiveness.

Mission before the Father and the culture
What is a woman’s mission before the Father? Saint Bernard said: “Man is not exalted or redeemed if not by woman.” He was not only making reference to the Blessed Mother’s co-redemptory role, but also referring to the “little Mary” herself born redeemed.

As Scripture says, when God created man he used earth. Therefore, he is an earth man. Later he gave him breath. Therefore, how does man appear? He is a union between earth and spirit, a union between the lowest and the highest, between instinct and intelligence. Then, God created the woman from the man’s rib. What does that mean? She is an intermediate being, between the lowest and the highest, between instinct and intelligence, taken from the heart of man. Therefore, what is the greatness of woman? She is the heart of all creation. What does this teach man? That he needs a heart; that the center of man is the heart. The great mission of woman and mother is to complement man by means of her heart. But she also has to be the heart and soul of all of creation.

The eternal part of the woman is simply her heart, her pure and devoted heart. Her most important contribution is to be the heart, symbol of her love and fruit of her heart. All of her work, within and outside of her home, must be directed by the heart, by love. Therefore, the masterpiece in the education of the woman and mother is the education of love, the education of the heart.

Questions for Meditation
1. As a mother, as a woman, do I reflect the Holy Spirit?
2. What do the words of Saint Bernard tell me?
3. In which ways do I express my role on God’s plan?

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