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Having a hard time to find inner peace lately? Father Nicolás Schwizer gives priceless tips to find and cultivate peace.
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It seems to me that one of the qualities of Christians should be inner peace. This is especially important for the woman. In this way she can be the center of the home around which family life revolves. A genuine mother has conquered and radiates profound peace.

Many of us find it difficult to acquire inner peace. Perhaps we allow ourselves to be overly pressured by the demands of daily life, home, children, or the economy. After returning home from working all day, there is no more strength left for maintaining the harmony, to control the nerves, or to radiate peace.

What a joy it is to meet people who radiate serenity and peace! By only being around them, one experiences their tranquility which gives depth to their lives. They are centers of peace in a restless world. They remind us that worries end, victories fade away with time, and that the only thing which is important is to live daily life as it comes, without letting anything shake the pillars of our serenity.

Today many of us do not know about peace of heart because we have lost the compass. Many of us are confused and disoriented when facing the great questions of life and existence. For that reason, one is not capable of having a stable married life nor is able to assume with dignity any serious commitment. Instead of an orderly and harmonious life, many of us live with permanent stress and have an attitude of breaking-up, fleeing or evading. However, in life, it is impossible to find serenity and peace with such attitude.

1. Peace with God. According to Saint Augustine, peace is “tranquillitas ordinis,” tranquility in the everyday things, the calmness to adjust to the order established by God. In order for me to have inner peace, I have to have conquered peace with God: to know and feel that I am a beloved child of the Father, and to give myself to him in childlike faith.

2. Peace with mankind. Whoever has peace with God can work towards the arduous task of seeking peace with mankind. This is a necessary and likewise difficult goal within our troubled lives. Within that stormy horizon, it is up to me to foster peace and to make it possible in my small surroundings. May of those who live in contact with me, know they have nothing to fear from me. May they not see a rival, but rather, a friend; may they not see me as an obstacle in their career, but as a help along the way.

3. Peace with myself. The most difficult peace is peace with oneself. The deepest division is “me.” Due to sin, we are divided within ourselves, like a walking civil war: conflicts between body and soul, the old man and the new man, will and instincts, reason and feeling, angel and beast. Not accepting myself, rejecting my past, not admitting my weaknesses, being intolerant with myself, all of these make peace impossible. It is difficult to be at peace with God and others if there is no unity within myself.

The devil knows this well; therefore, he tries to sow worry and division in souls in many ways. A restless soul is a soul disposed to allow itself to be won over by sadness and to withdraw.

My natural harmony is the condition for my sanctity; therefore, we must take seriously the presence of the Holy Spirit in our soul and let us ask God to fulfill the task of healing and purifying us naturally.

We have to strive to conquer inner calmness, serenity of soul, and peace of heart. May the Most Blessed Virgin, Queen of Peace, help us all to transform ourselves into men and women filled with harmony and peace in this world which is filled with hate, discord and wars.

4. Peace with the whole world, with all of creation. Christian peace loves nature because it is the work of God and is comfortable in the world because it is the house of the Father. Christian peace embraces all and leads all to its final destiny in the heart of God.

Questions for reflection
1. Do I offer peace and tranquility to others?
2. Do I know my inner conflicts?
3. Do I ask the Holy Spirit for the gift of peace?

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