Human-Animal Embryos

A Catholic view on the animal-human embryo research recently approved in England.
by Sherry Antonetti | Source:

In England, scientists are preparing to create human-animal embryos, also known as

Animal-human embryo research has recently been approved in that country.

Originally, the government had planned to ban such cytoplastmic hybrids, but retreated after a revolt by scientists.

Apparently, if scientists feel revolted because their research desires are thwarted, that’s bad.

Objections by any number of laity, religious, and everyday people who recognize a slippery slope when they see it are insufficient to trump the will of scientific progress for its own sake.

The feverish speed with which scientists are trying to create hybrids by injecting empty eggs from Cows with human embryos brings new meaning to the question, “Are You My Mother?”

The Embryos will be “99.9% human in genetic terms.” What are they in actual terms?

No one is currently proposing at the moment that these new creations will be allowed to gestate to fruition.

Thus the intent of their creation is purely for observation and destruction.

Equally disturbing is the reality that no one familiar stem cell and cloning research should have any illusions about that barrier remaining fixed.

The whole idea of creating human hybrids is abhorrent.

But they, the creators, will be able to sneer at the religious and the reasonable when it happens, “What would you have us do? Abort it?”

And then the questions and the problems grow worse.

If science benefits so greatly from analyzing the embryo, how much more from the fetus, the full born, from a greater percentage of beast, from a different type of beast, from multiple beasts?

If only we could shed these pesky old fashioned ideas of ethics, we could discover the cure for everything that might kill us!

That is the false promise such a misguided approach to scientific discovery offers; the lure of possible immortality at the price of our souls.

Research with embryos, be they hybrids or clones or frozen is the hypothetical pot of gold at the end of the scientific rainbow.

The scientific community’s absolute Faith that the practice of science for its own sake is inherently a greater good for the whole world, than the cost of destroying any humans, 99.9% or otherwise now, precludes consideration of any squeamish or murky moral issues.

Science should be at the service of human life. Never the other way around.

The scientific community at large views any objections to any research for any reason so old fashioned as standards, consequences, faith, ethics, morals and values, as DOA.

Any projections of potential abuses of said research, if carried further than the current proposal being debated are likewise dismissed as being the equivalent of a prophesy from Cassandra. She may be right but so what?

As Christians, we recognize that no human life is disposable, even if we can hide their physical presence in a test tube, a Petri dish, or an institution.

As long as we keep pretending, “Some animals are more equal than others,” we will not be able to tell who the real monsters are, the created or the creators.

Scientists are so anti-religion and yet they seem to be in the endeavor of trying to make Minotaurs are reality.

Pope Benedict XVI has been very proactive in calling humankind to recognize the dignity of the human life.

This British attack on human dignity raises two main concerns:

The Dignity of the Human Embryo

How small do you have to be to be yourself? Were you yourself at the age of 1 year old? Were you yourself when you were 1 day old? Were you yourself at your conception? Yes!

So, would a scientist have had the right to terminate your life then? Do they have right to do so, now?

Age Discrimination

If scientists and politicians alike are to decide how old a human being needs to be to deserve dignity, there is nothing impeding them from deciding up to what age one should have the right to life.

Don’t be surprised if you hear propositions for the extermination of the elderly as well.

Today’s society has two main idols: selfishness and immediate pleasure.

In this way of thinking, the care for another human person in need is too much of a hassle.

The culture of death teaches that the weak should not be helped but killed instead.

Hence, Christian taxpayers are forced to fund abortion and euthanasia.

Sherry Antonetti writes for you can see more of her writings on her own blog.

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