Apostles of the Covenant of Love

Firm a Covenant of Love with the Blessed Virgin Mary to learn how to love God as she did.
by Father Nicolas Schwizer | Source:
Why is man today not captured by God, why is he penetrated so little by the Holy Spirit? It is because everything stays in the head and does not reach the heart. The heart remains closed and hardened.

Covenant of Love
The meaning of our Covenant of Love is that I surrender my heart to Blessed Mother: exchange of hearts. What does she do with my heart? She takes it to Christ, she takes it to the Father. The ultimate meaning of the Covenant: to give my heart to Christ, to give my heart to God.

Our Task
If we want to belong to Christ, if we want to belong to Him forever, we have to take seriously our covenant in daily life. What does it mean to request our claims of love with the Blessed Mother? It means to ask her to enkindle in my heart my love for Christ, for God, to the highest degree possible. Therefore, let us consciously ask Our Lady in the shrine to obtain to us the grace of a heart which is on fire for Christ.

Falling in Love with God
God wants that, through the Covenant of Love, man may be healed anew because modern man is sick. Father Kentenich indicates that in modern man there is a great incapacity for religious experience; that in him there is a great obstacle in his affectivity before God.

The greatest wound in man’s affective domain is his incapacity to give and to receive love. The man of our times, affirms Father Kentenich, is a type of itinerant beggar in the field of love. He possesses an acute anemia in the quality of his personal attachments.

One of the greatest goals for the man of tomorrow must be, therefore, to win the heart for God. Truths of the faith should become experiences of faith. We need to feel the truths of faith. We need to be able to touch them, to experience them. We need to be able to touch faith which has become life in a person or in a community. Through these experiences which have captured our heart, affective attachments are generated which bind us to God and to the supernatural world.

Here then comes forth the important decision of our Covenant of Love with Blessed Mother. Love knows the transmission of life. If I love Mary, she transmits her life to me. The purest and warmest affectivity is imprinted on her. If I attach myself to her with childlikeness, then she awakens in me my emotions. She gives me her own love for God and for others. Through the Covenant, I learn to love as Mary loves and to love all that she loves.

Therefore, it is the way to heal man today…..to give him deep religious experiences…..to win his love and his heart for God and for the supernatural world. Thus we should lead our brothers and sisters to the Covenant of Love. We should awaken and inflame the love for Mary in them.

Only through that warm attachment to her we can imitate her holiness. Father Kentenich asks us all to be apostles of the Covenant of Love. His wish is that everyone would seal the Covenant of Love, that everyone would discover the richness of sharing their lives with Mary.

We have to invite our relatives, friends, family, and fellow-workers to the Covenant of Love.

Questions for Meditation
1. How many people have I led to the Covenant of Love?
2. How do I live my Covenant of Love?
3. Do I allow Our Lady to educate me on how to love Christ?

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