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A few weeks ago, for the first time in history, a sophomore in College was rewarded the Heisman trophy after showing outstanding quarterback skills throughout the entire year. The young man is known by many sport announcers as the “Chosen One”. Nevertheless, there is one miracle about Tebow that few know.

Tim Tebow’s story is a miracle. He almost never existed. The events that led up to his birth would shape his entire future. They implanted a character on his life that would be reflected in the way he plays football as well as his spirit of fight. His parents, Pam and Bob, were very devout Christians. Before our hero was born, they were working in the Philippines as missionaries. Pam became pregnant while they were there. It would be her fifth child. Unexpectedly, she became very sick with a parasite infection that endangered her life. The doctors recommended that she abort her child so as to save her own life. There was no way she was going to do that. She went through with the pregnancy and gave birth to her fifth child, the boy we know as the Chosen One.

The Tebow family later moved back to the United States. The parents opted to home-school so as to provide their children with a good Christian education. This decision, like so many good decisions, implied sacrificing other things, among them, school sports. Tim loved football. Getting into the world of college sports coming from a home-school background is very hard. As a matter of fact, until 1996, it was impossible. God once again showed Tim that he was “chosen”. A law was passed allowing for those who do not assist a private or public school to play on a college team.

All of these events make up the Tim we know today. He is a fighter. There is no obstacle that is too big for him to overcome. He seeks to control the game. His style on the field reflects the fighting spirit he learned at home. He is not afraid to leave his safety zone and take the hits. He knows that he is called to be the best, but all of this is because somebody loved him and was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for him so that he could have a try. Had his mother listened to the advice of the doctors, this superstar would have never been born.

Today, Tim, now 18 years old, is ranked number one in American College Football playing quarterback for the Florida Gators. Imagine the number of heroes we would have in our world today if there were more mothers like Tim’s, willing to love at all costs.

Story taken from an article written by Craig Howard, who coached Tim Tebow before entering college.

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