The Power of a Drop

Christ, as true God and true man, has the power to transform us radically, completely, starting now!
by Brother Michael Steele, LC | Source:
Every serious Christian has at one time or another grappled with the question of his transformation from living the old life of sin and attachments to creatures to living the new life in Christ. We ask ourselves why we’re not better than we are. We feel the existential tension between the person I am now and the person I ought to be as a follower of Christ. We look at the saints and wonder how they were able to do what they did. We might even at times experience discouragement, a “ho-hum” attitude, excusing ourselves with empty sophisms from greater holiness from greater identification and coherence with God’s will for us.

Yet, at the root of this attitude, isn’t there a deep lack of confidence in the transforming power of God’s grace? Why do we think our problems are somehow too big for God to handle? It might be because we are so enmeshed in our problems. They are ours; inside us; attached to us, like parasites sucking the life out of their host. So we exaggerate the problems and forget God’s infinite power.

God’s grace is powerful. All powerful. It’s no limit, can-do-anything powerful. He made the world, the whole cosmos, and holds it all in existence at each moment with a simple thought. Even though we messed up His original plan, He fashioned a better one, and sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, as a man, to redeem us. And the salvation He brings, isn’t just a patch on the old plan, it is a better, completely new and shinier reality. Christ has made all things new! Now that’s real power!

Christ, as true God and true man, has the power to transform us radically, completely, starting now! He’s God isn’t He? Stand at the foot of the cross and look up at him bloody, disfigured, and writhing in pain and agony. He is there for us, in our place, and on account of us. His blood has the power to change everything. His blood expiates sin, erases it completely, and gives new life, divine life.

We speak of power. Think of the power in one drop of Christ’s blood. St Thomas Aquinas put it eloquently in his hymn of love for the Eucharist, Adoro te Devote. “…cuius una stilla salvum facere totum mundum posset omni scelere (now heal me with your blood, take away my guilt, all the world is ransomed if one drop is spilt.)

One drop of Christ’s precious blood has the power to transform the whole world. So what can it not do for us if we confide in Him and ask Him to wash us in His blood? Ask Him right now. He’ll allow you to experience the transforming power of a single drop of His blood. And this Easter, let’s allow His Divine Life to course through our being without any obstruction or discouragement on our part. Let’s experience the transforming power of a single drop.

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