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General Requirements: All volunteers must be faithful to the Pope and his teachings. No exceptions are made. We have many exciting positions that can be filled by religious and laypersons alike. volunteers are expected to dedicate a minimum of two hours a week -- but can give as many more as the Lord allows them. If you are applying for a position that requires teaching the Catholic faith your level of comprehension of Church teaching and the topic you choose will be assessed to ensure our users are instructed according to official Church teaching in all areas.

Location: Anywhere (internet).
Language: Fully proficient in English.

DESCRIPTION OF POSITIONS: Expert – You know it all when it comes to a particular topic as it relates to our Catholic faith. If you are not working as a professional teacher you surely are one at heart. You will be responsible for responding in a timely manner to our’ inquiries about the topic of your expertise. If you agree to, you will also be made available as source for news media inquiries. There is a lot of glory in being Mr./Ms. Know It All, but on the daily basis this position requires a lot of charity. The volume of user’ inquires is high and can be overwhelming. Many users are not Catholic and their questions are often posed in a non-charitable way; nonetheless, your answers must always be kind. It is no doubt a lot of work, but this is the right place to be if you want to use all that knowledge God has given you to build the Kingdom of Christ. Experts Liaison – is working to supply the demand for Catholic voices in the secular media. As a Experts Liaison you will be responsible for organizing bios of our experts and keeping an accurate database of their contact information. Missionary – We hope to have literally thousands of Missionaries. As a Missionary your job will be to make your fellow parishioners aware of through prayer groups (novenas, Rosaries), Mass and parish bulletin announcements. We also hope that you will reach out to your local Catholic schools. We will help you in your mission with ideas and instructions through the Missionaries forum and periodical e-mails. This is a great way to get involved with both and your home parish. You are also expected to work closely with your parish priest in this apostolic mission. Missionaries Liaison – You will support the important work our Missionaries do by keeping a database with their contact information. You will keep in touch with them through their forum and a weekly e-mail alert to address their concerns, requests, share their success stories, and tell them what is new on You will also be in charge of identifying parishes that do not yet have Missionaries to recruit new missionaries.

Comment Reviewer – Comment Reviewers are crucial to guarantee’s transition into interactivity at its best. We have decided to allow our users to voice their opinions after reading an article. We want them to exercise ownership of However, users could submit comments that are offensive. Your job is to read up the comments to the articles on your community (channel) and approve or reject them. It is straight forward business. The challenge is that we need to have the quickest turnaround possible, so that we can approve a user’s comment no later than 20 minutes after it is posted, to achieve that we need hundreds of volunteers. Would you help us?

Ecclesial Relations Specialist – You are a Catholic culture whiz. You are outgoing. You are a visionary. We need your help to contact Catholic leaders to determine how can serve their apostolic work and bring them aboard. You are expected to keep a database of these key contacts for consistent outreaches.

Editor – Reliability and accuracy are key to this position. English proficiency is also paramount. As an editor you will be responsible for researching your topic (church history, parenting, finance, etc.) under the light of Church teaching to ensure our users receive the best content possible. Some interaction with additional content providers to your community (channel) may be needed. You will write and edit articles for clarity and accuracy according to Church teaching. You will nominate articles to be highlighted, and will be responsible for sending out weekly newsletters, either written by yourself or another writer. Evaluator – We are forming a committee of editorial reviewers to consistently evaluate our web portal’s orthodoxy and efficiency. We are interested in forming a mix from religious persons, to cradle Catholics, to Sunday Mass Catholics. Mass media and tech professionals are also needed to help us with input in how to make up-to-date in those areas. We are interested in all feedback we can get. Evaluators have a guide to help them make systematic evaluations.

Forum Moderators - Moderators play a fundamental role in regulating how topics are covered within the many forums. You will act as a guide in conversations by encouraging participation and debate, keeping order, editing or deleting offensive messages, and reporting abuses of our forum rules. More importantly, you will make sure that at the end of each debate the Catholic viewpoint has been made clear and that users were directed to the appropriate sources to learn all that the Church teaches on that particular topic. You will also be entitled to open, close, and redirect debates to ensure the best experience to our users.

Fundraising Specialist – Financial donations are essential to keep on. We need all the help we can get in fundraising. Prior experience a must! You will work closely with staff on operations of fundraising initiatives.

Graphic Designer – We are always in need of graphic designers for campaigns of all sorts: prayer, fundraising, advertising, cross promotion, new editorial offerings. If you have some graphic design skill, please help us.

Media Relations Specialist – We need someone with media relations experience, who understands how a newsroom works, and how journalists think. We will do the boring part. We write the releases, and send them out. We mostly need you to pitch. Your help will particularly come handy to make reaction outreaches timely. Your input to our overall media relations strategies is also very welcome.

Public Relations Specialist – We need a PR-savvy person who can represent with the general community (excluding the Catholic or the news media communities). Your help will be essential in building bridges for ecumenism (for pastoral purposes) and governmental relations (focused on policy and fundraising). Any outreach must be pre-approved by management. We will work closely with you to ensure that your work supports the interests of local dioceses and to help the pro-life cause. An example of your work would be developing a plan to raise awareness of users to the Defense of Marriage Act, or the late petition to end partial-birth abortion, or the ongoing signature-gathering campaign to stop tax funding of Planned Parenthood. These are initiatives that often have been led by Protestant groups; we need the Catholic community to get more involved.

Translator – We are in great need of translators for Portuguese, English, and Spanish. We ask that the language you will be translating to be your first language. Familiarity with Catholic terms is a plus! We have many awesome apostolic projects on hold because of lack of translators. Please hurry!

Volunteers Liaison – Our volunteers are essential to our apostolate. In this position you will be responsible for communicating with current volunteers should they have questions, requests, or need to make arrangements for periods of absence. You will write and submit periodical letters to our volunteers letting them know about our new projects and how they can get involved. You are expected to monitor our volunteers’ forums to make sure we can address their concerns. You will also be in charge of identifying new volunteer opportunities within and recruit new volunteers. It is a lot, but we hope to have several people accept this role so that they can work collaboratively as their schedule allows.

Writer – If a blog is not the only place you have been published. If you are in fact a professional writer -- the kind who makes a living out of writing – and now you want to use your professional writing skills to build up the Kingdom of Christ, then needs you as a writer.


Church Teaching Q&A Life & Family Lifestyle

Bible School Editor
Bible School Forum Moderator
Bible Expert
Bible School Comments Reviewer

Canon Law Editor
Canon Law Forum Moderator
Canon Law Expert
Canon Law Comments Reviewer

RCIA Editor
RCIA Forum Moderator
RCIA Expert
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Church History Editor
Church History Forum Moderator
Church History Expert
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Liturgy Editor
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Life & Family

Chastity Editor
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Homosexuality Editor
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Marriage Editor
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Marriage Expert
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Parenting Editor
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Parenting Expert
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Pro-Life & Bioethics Editor
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Charity Editor
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Charity Expert
Charity Comments Reviewer

Fitness Editor
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Fitness Expert
Fitness Comments Reviewer

Pilgrimages Editor
Pilgrimages Forum Moderator
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Relationships Editor
Relationships Forum Moderator
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Singles Editor
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Vocations Editor
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Devotionals Editor
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Faith Editor
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Mariology Editor
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Fundraising Forum Moderator Editor Comments Reviewer

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Events Editor
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Media Watch Editor
Media Watch Forum Moderator
Media Watch Expert
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News Editor
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News Expert
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Newswire Editor
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Newswire Comments Reviewer Experts Bank Liaison

Faith & Finance

Careers Editor
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Entrepreneurs Editor
Entrepreneurs Forum Moderator
Entrepreneurs Expert
Entrepreneurs Comments Reviewer

Moral Investing Editor
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Education Editor
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Pope Editor
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Vatican Editor

Info & Resources

Book Club Editor
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Catholic Directory Editor

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Poll Editor

Encyclopedia Editor

Trivia Editor

Podcast & Webcast

Daily Mass Editor
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Liturgy Editor
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Liturgy Expert

Rosary & Divine Mercy Chaplet Editor
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Divine Mercy Chaplet Expert

Catholic Music Editor
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Catholic Music Expert
Catholic Music Producer

Catholic Video Editor
Catholic Video Producer


General Writer
General Editor
General Comments Reviewer
General Forum Moderator

Spanish to English Translator
English to Spanish Translator
Spanish to Portuguese Translator
Portuguese to Spanish Translator
English to Portuguese Translator
Portuguese to English Translator

Web Graphic Designer

Editorial Reviewer
Volunteers Liaison

Marketing & Fundraising

MARKETING Missionaries Liaison Missionary
Ecclesial Relations Specialist
Media Relations Specialist
Public Relations Specialist

Fundraising Specialist

About is a web based apostolate, directed by the Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi Movement, intended to equip Catholics with information to help them build a Christlike character, so that they can engage and transform the culture with the Truth of the Gospel transmitted to us by the Holy Mother Church, which is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.

In Answer to our late Pope, John Paul II, aims to form an online Catholic community committed to evangelize the social world by building up the Kingdom of Christ through their Families, Parishes, Dioceses, and general communities. To foster this commitment promotes interaction among Catholics worldwide through information sharing and online interactive tools. Fundamentally serves as an online platform to build synergies among the various apostolic initiatives. is supported by the generosity of its donors, and the invaluable work of its volunteers who are religious and laypersons from congregations and movements faithful to the Magisterium. Most and foremost is made possible by the prayers of our community and of Our Lady of Guadalupe, our patroness, to whom the intentions of this apostolate and of all the people it serves is entrusted.

HOW TO APPLY: Thank you for your interest in To apply please write to mentioning what position you are interested on and why you think you can serve the Lord through that position. You must write “Volunteer Application” on the subject line to be considered. Please include your full contact information and how you learn about the position. If you think you can be a Volunteer using your talents for the Kingdom of Christ doing something else that is not listed here, please let us know. All are welcome. We look forward to hearing from you.

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