A Good Day at Planned Parenthood

Good News Meditation
by Brother John Coe, LC | Source:
A young couple pulls into the driveway where Antonio and Mary were standing and proceeded to roll down the window where they received some pamphlets. Antonio and Mary spoke with the couple about the choices they had and how they understood that if couples were at that place, they had very real problems and were searching for real answers; however this answer was not the right one. Choosing abortion today would only wound them and separate them from their baby.

Mary went on to show them a picture of the 10 week old feet of an unborn child and how beautifully formed they were at that age. She also showed the dad a picture of the danger his child would face if he allowed them to take his girl into Planned Parenthood. The father appeared disturbed but moved.

As Mary and Antonio were speaking a car pulled up behind and began honking the horn. Mary told the couple that she and Antonio would be there praying for them and that if they changed their minds they could come back. Moments later an escort came over shouting that the driveway was blocked and the couple was forced into the lot. They just prayed. They prayed that the words spoken had been what God wanted and that they had touched the hearts of these parents. They prayed as they watched the couple proceed into the building.

Unsure of what was going to happen and staring at the pavement in prayer Antonio said, “Mary, look! They are coming back!” As the young couple walked back over with smiles on their faces, they said a Hail Mary. The grace and joy could be felt by all those who were on the sidewalk that morning as the young couple walked over to say they had changed their mind and cancelled the abortion. Antonio and Mary embraced them with great joy.

Jessica and Bobby went on to explain that they did not want to abort their baby, but were wracked with fear that they would not have the money to provide for the baby. Hearing that there was a real solution to their problem they found their fear alleviated. Mary asked Jessica how far along she was, and she joyfully and tearfully answered, “Ten weeks, just like the picture you showed me!” The couple said that they were deeply moved to see the picture of their baby’s feet—how beautifully formed they were! At Planned Parenthood, that day was a day of rejoicing!

The following weekend Mary called Jessica, who told her she had scheduled her first prenatal visit and had called one of the crisis pregnancy centers in the area. She went on to say that she knew that if they had not been there that she and Bobby would have chosen abortion and regretted it for the rest of their lives. She went on to say, “Thank you for being there yesterday. You guys saved my baby’s life. Please don’t ever stop doing that.” She then asked if she and Bobby were welcome to come out to the clinic and pray.

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